Fish farm specialising in groupers with grouper breeding and grouper nursery facilities. Grouper fingerlings are available from 3cm to 7.5 cm. Quality grouper either live or fresh delivered daily. Over 5 different species available up to 2 kilos. Consultancy available. Contact us for more information. We supply grouper fry and grouper fingerlings through out Europe. We operate a franchise for the setting up of grouper fish farms. We are looking for partners and specialist personnel as well as agents through out Europe.

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145 St John Street , London , EC1V4PY EC1V4PY United Kingdom

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Consulting firm
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Agriculture - Aquaculture
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Internationally (various countries)

Our Company operates on the basis that our key team of managers are experts in thier own field. 2 Marine Biologist supervise the operation of the farm. Administration officer deals with the import licences and export documents. Our Buyer is multilingual and deals directly with our suppliers. Sales team deals with uk and europe enquires we supply Fish fry/fingerling etc through out europe. We operate a franchise for the setting up of fish farms. We are looking for Partners/ investors and specialist personnel as well as Agents through out europe This is the future of fish farming using RAS systems reduces the use of water. very little discharge and automated systems reducing labour costs.

Edible Groupers fresh from our fish farm

Both Aquarium and edible fish have been caught using cyanide and blast fishing since the 1960's thousands of miles of reef have been destroyed in an estimated 30 counties in South East asia. Fishermen have to live and destructive fishing is an easy way to catch fish. either stunned or killed by the deady poison.

Live grouper are shipped to Hong Hong for sale in restaurants or shipped to china. Its a billion dollar trade. Frozen fish imported to europe are most likely to be caught by cyanide. Very little research has been carried out on the long term effects of this poison.

Grouper are solitary fish hiding in caves and close to the reef making them difficult to catch.They are predatory eating other fish. Cyanide is an easy option.

A research establishment in Borneo developed a method of breeding fish in the laboratory. An adult female can produce over 1 million eggs a day. The fingerling are small fish ready for growing on. We will produce our own fingerling and grow them in our indoor fish farm in camberley Surrey.

Our Fish farm is the very first of its kind. Designed to grow on healthy high quality fish for restaurants, wholesalers fish markets.

The site will contain approximately 60,000 gallons of salt water in our indoor facility. Will provide a range of species sold around 1 kilo in weight and ready for eating. Supplied either live or fresh in ice on daily deliveries.

We are developing a nursery to provide a range of new species for offer a wider range of fish. These will be produced in laboratory conditions to produce the highest quality fish.

The introduction to a live fish tank to your premises will allow higher retail prices and offers the customer a wider choice from the display. We offer a design and build feature.


The setting up of fish farms world wide will reduce the demand for wild caught fish. The cod is under threat from over fishing.Farmed fish have  better control of quality, size and taste and creates an opportunity for wild stocks to recover.

Hybrid fish have been created by breeding panther grouper with a bumble be produce fast growing disease free fish.


We will be producing a range of species in our ten 5,000 gallon growing tanks. Sold either live daily or fresh  in ice. We can supply and install aquariums for restaurants as display tanks or holding tanks


Fingerlings in the quarantine tanks ready for grading. each one inspected individually to ensure the very best quality fish. Rejected fish are disposed off legally.We have very strict stocking levels to avoid over crowding and allow fish to grow naturally.