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  • Agriculture / Horticulture

  • Model PP - Horticulture Twine

    Model PP - Horticulture Twine

    Horticulture Polypropylene twines are available in different colours and sizes. It is ideal for a wide range of applications in horticulture, gardening and viticulture markets.This twine possess qualities such as UV protection and good resistance to rupture, being purposely smooth to increase user easiness and prevent damages to plants during crop growth.

  • Fishing / Aquaculture

  • Polyex Plus Rope for Fishing

    Polyex Plus Rope for Fishing

    Polyex Plus twisted ropes are ideal when high abrasion resistance and low elongation features are required.Available in 3 or 4 strands specification, they are especially adequate for the fishing industry: anchoring ropes, tow ropes, mast ropes, safety ropes, sail ropes, etc..

  • Polyethylene Ropes for Aquaculture

    Polyethylene Ropes for Aquaculture

    Excellent for use in aquaculture industries, where flexibility and high resistance are essencial.Due to its versatility, they are also used for other general purposes (truck and foot ropes, tarpaulin ties, tent guys, etc).It is largely used in aquaculture industries.

  • Polypropylene for Fishing

    Polypropylene for Fishing

    Exporplás S.A. Polypropylene ropes, made of twisted yarns or PP film, present themselves as a more economical solution. They ensure good performance, due to its breaking strength and ease of handling. Used in all fishing activities.

  • Nautilus Plus - Rope for Fishing

    Nautilus Plus - Rope for Fishing

    Our Research and Development department developed a high performance characteristics rope in order to attend our most exigent clients’ requirements. The Nautilus rope is produced in Polyex with a Polyester combination, which grants high resistance, non floating ability, and more absorption efficiency.

  • Dolly  - Rope for Fishing

    Dolly - Rope for Fishing

    Exporplás S.A Dolly Rope is the best protection for your trawling nets ensuring a longer lifetime.

  • Artificial Grass

  • Sense   - Artificial Grass

    Sense - Artificial Grass

    Sense was specially designed to reproduce the look and feel of natural grass. This synthetic monofilament is the ideal choice on harsh climates or for areas where there are restrictions on water use, providing economic advantages over natural grass lawns which require extensive fertilizing and nurturing. Sense provides safe, comfortable and colourful surfaces as an alternative to traditional natural grass surfaces. High tear and UV resistance ....

  • Play - Artificial Grass

    Play - Artificial Grass

    Play was specifically designed for the intensive practice of sports, presenting all the desired features: softness, longevity and resilience. These characteristics are achieved by using a new polymer which combines higher resistance to abrasion, elastic recovery and soft appearance at surface. This monofilament also offers a very nice natural look. Ideal for use on sport fields, landscapes, playgrounds, residential and commercial areas. High tear...