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  • Ezy - Fill Bulk Filler

    Ezy - Fill Bulk Filler

    Ezy Fill is fast becoming the Precision farming partner for: Fertilizer Spreading, Seed Drilling, Fertilizer Placement. Ezy Fill is the most versatile machine to enter the market in recent times. It can auto-fill any Make or Model of mounted Spreader to give the user a precision bulk spreading system saving time and money on any farm. With a capacity increase of up to 8 ton it makes Fertilizer spreading a fast more efficient process. Ezy Fill...

  • Ezy - Model M12000 - Crop Trailer

    Ezy - Model M12000 - Crop Trailer

    The Ezy Crop M12000 trailer is a 12 ton Trailer designed to minimize trailer crop damage a major factor in lost revenues to food producers. Ezy Crop is a non- tipping trailer with a patented discharge system. it incorporates moving floor and sides technology which enables controlled emptying of crops onto a sensor controlled discharge conveyor. The trailer eliminates the need to tip the trailer which is identified as a major cause of scuffing and...