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  • Single Row Machines

    Single Row Machines

    The onion harvest 1 row allows an average speed about 3 kph, which is variable according to harvest quality : density, presence of bindweeds, oblique and crossed onions, etc. In extreme cases it is necessary to reduce to 1.5 kph. In best cases, it is possible to go beyond 5 kph. It is relatively frequent to exceed 1.5 ha / day. With the single row, the space between rows is less important than with one 2 or 4 rows. We recommend 80cm between rows in...

  • 2 Rows, 4 Rows Machines

    2 Rows, 4 Rows Machines

    Two rows and four rows machines carry the same harvest head with two knives and same settings. Harvest speed is more dependant on harvest quality than the number of heads. On the basis of the same field, harvest speed is the same for single-row than 2 or 4 rows. Additional features : Adjustable coulter wheel which allow to follow ground variation (single-row have only a fixed clog). Speed tracking with automatic strips finger...