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  • Planters

  • Model FG-01 - Planter

    Model FG-01 - Planter

    Row unit: Made up of cast steel with parallelogram. Double 16’’ discs set on double bearings. Enveloping levelling wheels V covering wheels.Grain crushing wheel or grain presser tabs (optional). Coulter for stubble cutting: Wavy, 20/30 waves—Optional: plain or rippled.Out of line fertilization: Double fertilizer disc. Made up of a 16’’low-cut disc and a 14’’plain disc.Seed Metering: For small grain chevron...

  • Model M-03  - Peanut Planter

    Model M-03 - Peanut Planter

    It has been designed to sow peanut with paired lines. This system is composed of a double rowing line, which is paired at 12 cm. These pairs are repeated every 70 cm.In the traditional system 12 to 18 seeds are placed in each linear meter. In this new system we can reduce the number of seeds to 6 or 9 per linear meter without changing the density per square meter per hectare.This system is advantageous because we can keep the same population per...

  • Fertilizers Applicators

  • Model FS-02 - Fertilizer Applicator

    Model FS-02 - Fertilizer Applicator

    It is designed for the dosage of granulated material and it is applicable to sown rows at any distance between the lines. The fertilizing equipment has a double covering wheel and a double disc (a 14’’diameter plain disc and a 16 ‘’ diameter notched disc).It can be used to apply any kind of granulated fertilizer and it has height regulations to make sure the fertilizers are applied at the required depth.It is equipped with a...