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  • Commercial Products

  • CableMax - Cable Filler

    CableMax - Cable Filler

    CableMax is manufactured with tight process capability standards, ensuring high levels of consistency are met for your unique wire and cable needs.

  • Tyger - Polymers Tying Twine

    Tyger - Polymers Tying Twine

    Superior tensile and knot strength. Soft, smooth, and pliable. Fabpro Polymers manufactures the most complete line of twine available for your needs.

  • Tyger - Polymers Pull Line Twine

    Tyger - Polymers Pull Line Twine

    Fabpro Polymers manufactures spiral wrap monofilament pull line for the electrical and cable industry. It is used to pull ropes and wires through conduit.

  • Tyger - Polymers Tree Rope

    Tyger - Polymers Tree Rope

    Superior support, durability and strength. Look to Fabpro Polymers' Tyger Tree Rope for excellent support in the field.