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  • S.Houle - Grapple

    S.Houle - Grapple

    Our grapples are the result of continuous improvements of our products. They are adaptable to all our material buckets (models BBW, B, HB & SHB) from 6’ to 9’ (1.8-2.8 m). Made of double steel frame and chromolybdene teeth, they are tough and durable.

  • S.Houle - Land Leveler

    S.Houle - Land Leveler

    At Fabrication S. Houle we have a complete range of land levellers that can help you accomplish the task. Our land levelers can be equipped with scarifying teeth designed to break hard ground surfaces, a GPS or a laser post for precision work, positioning headlights for road trips, agricultural or industrial tires mounted in tandem in order to reduce the machine’s waddle, a hydraulic tilting system to work ground along the ditches. All of these...

  • S.Houle - Ditch Blade

    S.Houle - Ditch Blade

    The LFA is equipped with 4 cylinders allowing it to perform at all angles which gives it high maneuverability. The 3 point hitch bracket of the LFA is designed to accept category 2 or 3 systems. With the rear wheel module (optional), the LFA can be transformed into a small land leveller. Side panels can also be added.

  • S.Houle - Tree Shear

    S.Houle - Tree Shear

    Our tree shears are designed to adapt to most tractors, loaders, skid steer loaders and telehandlers. They operate on standard or high flow hydraulic systems using one set of remote couplers only; a solenoid valve assembly controls the various applications. With their ability to swivel up to 110 degrees (except for the TS-17), our tree shears are ideal for adjusting to all cutting angles or simply to crimp a cut limb to move it away. Their...

  • S.Houle - Snow Blower

    S.Houle - Snow Blower

    For best cleaning results, durability or maneuvrability, we have the blower for your needs. Combine then with a front or rear blade and you have the complete package for a perfect job.