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  • Fruit Machine

  • Fachaux - Calib Electronic Fruit Sizing Machine

    Fachaux - Calib Electronic Fruit Sizing Machine

    Electronic weighing and multipurpose grading machine for fragile fruits (apples, pears, tomatoes, kiwis, apricots, etc.), machine with small space requirement, from 5 to 16 exits, possibility of exit on 3 sides, output directly into brushes, on table or rotary, computer management... Calibfruit, designed to be run by very few people (1 person in enough), fits well the needs of small growers, like family businesses. Actually, Calibfruit is optimized to...

  • Seranne - Electronic Sizing Machine

    Seranne - Electronic Sizing Machine

    Seranne, electronic sizing machine controlled by industrial computer up to 32 exits. Available with 1 or 2 lines (from 1000 to 4000 kg/h).

  • Fachaux - Water Hydraulic Cherry Cluster Separator

    Fachaux - Water Hydraulic Cherry Cluster Separator

    Water Hydraulic Cherry Cluster Separator  for a standard configuration, the water hydraulic cherry cluster separator includes: A Water Tank (cherry holding tank). A patented Water Hydraulic Separating system. An Exit Basin on the top feeding onto a dewatering belt or channels. A Waste Collecting Tray (enables recycling of water back to the Water Tank)

  • Fachaux - Cherry Cluster Separator

    Fachaux - Cherry Cluster Separator

    Purpose: To single out cherries in cluster, at a capacity up to 2,500 kg/hour/machine. About the manufacturer: Fachaux Grading, has been manufacturing fruit grading and sorting equipment for more than 40 years. Fachaux Grading is a family-owned business in the heart of the Loire Valley fruit growing region of France.In 2001 Fachaux Grading received an  Innovation Award at SITEVI 2001 (www.sitevi.com).Fachaux Grading has sold in excess of 80...