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Since 1985 Mr Marcello and his brother Renzo operated like individual enterprise. In the same year was established F.A.C.M.A. S.n.c. (which name means Artisan Factory Construction Agricultural Machines). In 2005 it became FACMA Srl. In this 30 years and more of work, research and investment, FACMA studied in a deepen way ground working, harvesting, dry and selection of product systems, projecting appropriate machineries for them.

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01030 Vitorchiano (VT) , Vitorchiano (VT) , 01030 Italy

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FACMA s.r.l., has more than 30 years of experience in the research and study of a modern and specialised agriculture. It is well-known for its design and manufacturing of machinery which works the land, mechanised collection of produce from the ground, and plants for the drying, selection and cleaning of the produce.

The firm seat is in Vitorchiano, Viterbo , Italia, in the modern factory by the employ of advanced technologies are projected and constructed agricultural machineries like:

  • Mulchers
  • Pruning Picker-up Shredders
  • Trailed Harvesters
  • Self-propelled Harvesters
  • System of selection, dry process and storing up of the products
  • Other

Many objectives are conquered, FACMA points to know  always more its products and to achieve Countries that till now weren’t  considered, getting ahead  with the ideas of a modern  and specialized  agriculture but at the same time environment respectful.