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FA-MA was born in 1969 as a small workshop dealing with agricultural accessories, established by Marigonda Guido, Colombarolli Luciana and Dino. In the early 80s FA.MA successfully began to export its products across Europe. During a Paris exhibition, Mr Marigonda was asked to construct a piece of equipment for pruning trees and that`s how FA.MA`s experience in the field of pruning orchard trees and vineyards began, first with oildynamic shears. At the moment, FA.MA is the unique firm producing oildynamic shears in Europe. Afterwards, in collaboration with SAF, it took up the production of hydraulic lifters for pruning poplars. During the following years, FA.MA widened its experience in various fields of fruit growing and in 1987 it started the production of a lopping machine with mowing bars (applied to the hoister of the tractor with frontal attachment) and a lopping machine for vineyards.

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via Zara Zanetta, 12 , Sailetto di Suzzara (Mantova) , 46030 Italy

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During the70s and 80sit mainly devoted itself to equipment for combine harvesters and accessories for two-directional suction to eliminate dust from the combine driver's seat.

In1992, following terrible events, the sonGino, who had been working in the firm for some time, took over his father's activity and along with valuable collaborators, improved the work of the previous years; by1995,FA.MAhad made its name known in the European market with various models of lopping machines, oildynamic shears and in2001it was awarded a recognition fortechnical novelty by Unacoma.