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  • Boar Pen for Breeding House

    Boar Pen for Breeding House

    The cycle on a multiplication farm starts in the breeding house. Porcon offers all the components to efficiently equip the boar pens and insemination stall.   Functional, durable and sustainable equipment are key aspects in your breeding house. The robust Porcon boar pen is made from a heavy-duty, galvanized frame. The gate has a handy security bolt that can be opened quickly and easily.

  • Minimum Transitional Tunnel (MTT)

    Minimum Transitional Tunnel (MTT)

    Minimum Transitional Tunnel (MTT) is Fancom’s advanced ventilation system that ensures an even climate in every house. The MTT principle is based on a gradual transition from minimum to maximum ventilation. The result is a healthy climate for growth throughout the entire production process, from day-old chick to mature birds. The technical results will demonstrate your progress, cycle after cycle.

  • Complete Farm Control

    Complete Farm Control

    We go to extremes to create the optimal conditions. Our systems are total solutions consisting of a Lumina control computer, Greenline peripheral equipment and expert knowledge of the growth processes of animals. These elements are designed to harmonise and mutually consolidate. Producers can rely on a user friendly and proven system and so get the best performance from their animals for minimum costs. The result will be reflected in the annual...

  • Electronic Sow Feeding Station (ESF)

    Electronic Sow Feeding Station (ESF)

    In the gestation house the sows are housed together in stable or dynamic groups and they are free to move around, eat, sleep and play. Sow welfare has top priority and the circumstances and equipment must be created and designed to maintain the animals in top condition. Each group must have a place to lie and rest, a dunging area, an area for movement and a place to feed.

  • Farrowing Crate

    Farrowing Crate

    The sturdy and durable Porcon farrowing crate is known for its special anti-crush bar, which encourages the sow to lie in the most ideal position to avoid crushing the piglets. The piglets can reach the teats unhindered immediately after birth, so they can drink the vital first milk straight away.

  • Rearing House

    Rearing House

    If your ambition is the ultimate in rearing results, then a well-equipped house with plenty of freedom of movement for the piglets is extremely important.

  • Finisher House

    Finisher House

    The main aspects to take into account when equipping a finisher house are simple design, functionality and durability. But the welfare of your animals also has to be considered. Pigs that feel happy and contented will also develop their full potential for growth. For the equipment of finisher houses we offer an advanced system that includes stainless steel frames with PVC partitions. This combination provides practically unlimited options to plan and...

  • Pig Feeding System

    Pig Feeding System

    A comfortable feeding place means that a pig can eat without being disturbed by other pigs. Broad feeding areas with clear partitions, where necessary, are ideal and prevent feed spillage. We offer a complete package of dry feed troughs, stainless steel liquid feed troughs, sensor troughs or individual PVC troughs. We also offer drinking system suitable for every type of housing, with practical nipples, water troughs, stainless steel or PVC piping...

  • Feeding Systems

  • EasyBlend - Feeding Systems

    EasyBlend - Feeding Systems

    EasyBlend can mix two types of feed or add cereal products. When the silo is empty, the system automatically switches to another silo that contains the same type of feed.