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Fantastic Pest Control provides expert assistance to London business and home-owners with unwanted insects, rodents and birds. We offer a variety of pest control treatments, including mechanical, physical and chemical pest control (fumigation). With commercial clients, our mission is to achieve the health standard offered by London pest control regulations, and with residential ones – to create a feeling of safety and security.

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Grange Court , London , Greater London NW10 United Kingdom

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Service provider
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Health and Safety - Pest Control
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Locally (one state or province)

Exterminator London: Bed Bug Treatment

Fantastic Pest Control is a pest control company that leads the way in advanced techniques and reliable product quality. Working in close reliance with London city professionals and regulations, we help our clients achieve an above-average healthy & safety standard. 

Our London pest control services are available across the city area, as well as all SL, HP, AL, CM and SS postcode areas.  

  • Fumigation : Fumigation is a direct solution to pest infestations of a larger range. Commercial clients such as institutions and offices often opt for a fumigation service due to bigger properties that require a pest treatment. Fantastic Pest Control has extensive experience and training in flea fumigation, a service most needed in areas both with a lot of traffic, carpeting and upholstery and greenery and high grass.
  • Woodworm treatment : Woodworms, the larvae of a woodboring beetle species, are known to cause devastating damage. This service, as well as moth treatments, is a life-saver to museum institutions that harbour numerous collector's items made out of wood and fur. Fantastic Pest Control uses a repellant solution to prevent future infestations by these invasive pests.
  • Flying insects control: Fantastic Pest Control handles fly and wasp infestations, as well as bee and wasp nest removal.

We are among the best pest control company in the area, with a reputable client base and a determined industry presence.