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  • Land Pride - Model 3P600 - Compact Drills

    Land Pride - Model 3P600 - Compact Drills

    Similar to the 3P500, the 3P600 is a 3-Point Min-Till drill. This 6' unit is designed to get into smaller spaces like wooded areas, orchards, or vineyards. It excels when seeding into fully prepared and minimum tillage plots. End users can add the optional small seeds box and plant two different seeds simultaneously. Like the 3P500, the 3P600 is ground driven and features 4-speed gearboxes for fast seed rate changes. It is equipped with rugged 00...

  • Sunflower  - Model 2433 - Chisel

    Sunflower - Model 2433 - Chisel

    Shatter The Toughest Yield Barrier Tough conditions and compacted fields call for a tough machine. That’s why the Sunflower Model 2433 is the heaviest chisel plow we build. The rugged 4 X 6-inch tubular steel tongue, for example, extends from front to rear beneath the framework and is bolted to each bar to distribute stress across the entire frame. Take your choice of rigid, rigid shear bolt or spring cushion shanks spaced on 12” centers,...

  • Sunflower - Model 9800 - Single-Disc Air Drill

    Sunflower - Model 9800 - Single-Disc Air Drill

    The Newest Drill Technology in Two Decades! Some have already referred to the Sunflower 9800 Single Disc Drill as a “speed drill” due to its unique ability to seed at a higher speeds without creating uneven seed rows. However, you may just want to call it “extremely versatile.” Whether you run it fast or slow; in no-till, minimum-till or conventional till; flat ground or on a slope, the Sunflower 9800 works well in all...

  • Rhino - Model RH Series - Single Spindle Rotary Mower

    Rhino - Model RH Series - Single Spindle Rotary Mower

    The RH Series provides excellent value for the budget-minded customer and is ideal for a range of mowing applications around the ranch, estate, or farmstead. Rhino's single spindle RH series is designed for use on 15, 20, and 25 PTO horsepower tractors. The round back deck and single tail wheel are designed for maneuvering around obstacles easily, and the oval pan blade carrier provides durability in tough spots for excellent mowing performance. The...