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  • Post Hole Diggers

    Post Hole Diggers

    Our Tractor Post Hole Diggers is supplied with a heavy-duty gear box and PTO shafts which are Imported from Italy to withstand tough Indian soil conditions. There are four different sizes of augers 9', 12', 18' and 24' available as optional and can be selected by the customers as per their requirement and nature of work. This is Ideally suited for both 540 and 1000-PM Tractors that are available in India. Minimum Horse Power required to run this...

  • Rotary Tiller

    Rotary Tiller

    The Rotary Tiller is after harvesting of every crop, the land has to be sowed for the next crop to be planted. For this, Rotary Tiller is a must to Every Farmer in order to save, Fuel cost, Time and energy. It can be used in wet and dry land. An ideal implement for uprooting the sugarcane stubbles. Chops and mixes the roots into the soil and make it as manure to the soil.

  • Front End Loader

    Front End Loader

    Our Imported Tractor mounted Front End Loaders are designed and manufactured to Suit Indian working conditions. These loaders are manufactured by our Italian supplier who is a 30 years old ISO 9001 Company known for its quality with range of machineries like front loaders, bulldozers for wheeled or tracked tractors, hydraulic elevators, backhoes, snow-ploughs confirming the reliability of them during the time. The Company also assures constant...

  • Blades


    The blades are Imported from Italy under the brand name STAR from a renowned company who are already exporting their products to 40 countries in the world.

  • PTO Driver Shafts

    PTO Driver Shafts

    Our PTO Drive shafts are Imported from Turkey suitable for all Rotary Tillers, Post Hole Diggers and other mechanized agriculture equipments. Our PTO Shafts are supplied with shear bolt torque limiter which act as a fuse when the Implements encounter some boulders or big stones in the soil there by saving the Implement as well the Tractor from any damages.