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  • Farmland Pin Puller

    Farmland Pin Puller

    The days of multiple trips in and out of the cab to remove implement pins are finally over. Now it's one time, every time. Just swing the Farmland Pin Puller into place, hook up the pin, and drive away. Universal mounting bracket mounts to the tongue of most tractors and folds away neatly.

  • Universal Disc Leveler

    Universal Disc Leveler

    Spring Steel Disc Arm. Heavy Duty Bearing & Seal. Large Bushing At Pivot. Fully Adjustable Width & Angle. Will Fit Almost Any Heavy Duty Shank (edge-on or 50º). Level Seed Bed. Close Furrow. Great Substitute For Harrow Levelers. Very Little Residue Bunching. Different Styles For Edge On & C-Shanks.

  • Farmland Coulter

    Farmland Coulter

    Farmland now offers the most advanced patented system in Coulter design. Because of its uniqueness, the Coulter can be adapted to many applications.

  • Furrow Leveler

    Furrow Leveler

    Close the furrow left by last rank on cultivator or chisel plow.  Tine depth and angle is fully adjustable and out of the way for residue management. - Excellent for precision placing NH3 at the time of seeding. Adaptable to any shank

  • Converter System

    Converter System

    Converts and C-shank to accept new Low Disturbance Chrome Sweeps and McKay steel sweeps

  • Low Disturbance Chrome Sweeps & Spikes

    Low Disturbance Chrome Sweeps & Spikes

    Quick change from seeding & banding. For all air drills & seeders. Extended wear (5-6 times that of other sweeps). Quick change No more pounding off sweeps. No need to remove seed boots when changing from seeding to banding. Fits any C-shank with the Farmland Converter System, all Farmland seed boots and Concord E.O shanks