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  • Tree Guards

    Tree Guards

    Nursermen and Orchadists have been using corrugated plastic Tree Guards for over 25 years with great success. Farm Wholesale Tree Guards are easy to wrap onto tissue culture tree trunks to protect their thin, sensitive bark for years. Our tree trunk protectors are black and ribbed on the inside for cushining and white on the outside to prevent sunscald.

  • Solexx - Greenhouse Covering System

    Solexx - Greenhouse Covering System

    Twin-wall Solexx paneling reduces your heating costs while providing 100% diffuse light to your plants. The strong shatter-proof glazing protects your crops from harsh weather conditions without cracking or discoloration. The flexible Solexx glazing ships in rolls to save money on freight and the material can be bent around corners and over roof peaks for a perfect seal. Solexx can easily be cut to size with a straight edge and a sharp utility knife....

  • Sealed Flute CSA Produce Boxes

    Sealed Flute CSA Produce Boxes

    Perfect for CSA’s, Farmers Markets, Organic Produce Growers, Produce Distributors & Farm Stands. Sealed Flute Corrugated Plastic Boxes can be cleaned and sanitized and used year after year saving thousands of dollars on corrugated cardboard cartons whenever you distribute through a closed loop distribution system. The heat sealed edges strengthen the carton panels and prevent contaminates or bacteria from entering the flutes, providing a...

  • Fruit Harvesting Totes

    Fruit Harvesting Totes

    Protect your freshly harvested fruit with our long-lasting corrugated plastic picking boxes and reduce waste, save time, money and labor costs. Farm Wholesale AG knows how important it is for you to receive top dollar for your crop.

  • Stretch Tie

    Stretch Tie

    Stretch-Tie is much like a common bread or garbage bag tie, but is made from expandable plastic and has non-continuous metal so they stretch to accommodate growth of most plant material. Perfect for fast growing sensitive plants!