We offer turnkey solutions and custom services for biogas projects in agricultural, industrials, and communal application. Building upon our 50 years of experience in construction and maintenance of bolted steel tanks FARMATIC has designed, constructed and commissioned turnkey biogas plants since the early 1990s. We are a renowned EPC contractor for plant sizes up to 5 MW. Biogas is produced by anaerobic digestion of organic waste from the food industry and from agricultural by-products. The utilisation of organic material from plants and animal waste adds additional value to farming and food processing. Biogas as a source of renewable energy has an abundant global potential. Unlike wind and solar energy, biogas can be stored and supplied on demand. Biogas technology is a fundamental cornerstorne of a stable and sustainable energy supply.

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Kolberger Straße 13 , Nortorf , D-24589 Germany

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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Our customers receive all services and know-how from one source: in every step of a project – from detailed engineering all the way to final construction, commissioning to after-sales service. Experienced project engineers and in-house construction crews guarantee that every component of our biogas plants is of the highest quality.

FARMATIC offers system solutions on the highest technological level. Our strict ISO-certified quality management ensures the longevity and economic efficiency of our customers’ investment.

In addition to turnkey biogas plants, FARMATIC supplies individual components such as specialized storage solutions, digesters, thermal storage systems, digestate dryers, agitators and heat exchangers from our own designs. Biogas system components provided by FARMATIC are the result of 20 years of first-hand experience in biogas technology.

Since August 12, 2015 our new company name has been FFE Solutions GmbH, the brand farmatic will remain as one of our product brands. 

With this step, which was made possible by strategic investment partners we were able to win for our international expansion, we would like to start a new era. Focussing on a longterm expansion abroad we are now working on the enlargement of our range of products in addition to our core product, the screwed tank, in the biogas and waste water field as well as concerning thermic energy storing systems. 

Parallel to the change of our company name our corporate design has been relaunched. Please find our new logo enclosed. Our web relaunch is planned for end of 2015. 

Our main office location, postal address and contact telephone and fax numbers remain the same.  

Please note that the content of our general conditions of sale and purchase remain the same and will be re-issued to reflect the change of name in due course.

Should you have any questions concerning this announcement please do not hesitate to contact us. Your personal contact partners stay the same as well. 

We look forward to our continuing business relationship.

October, 01, 1963

Farm-Automation GmbH founded in Tangstedt by Otto Metzger Backensholz
and Willi J. Müller

Under the registered trade name “farmatic,” the company sold technical plants and equipment designed to rationalize agricultural processes. Its core business was later expanded to include large agricultural tanks and silos.


Renaming as Farmatic Silotechnik GmbH

At the same time, the company moved its headquarters to Osdorf, Rendsburg-Eckernfoerde district. Its specialization in tanks and silos for the storage of liquid manure, grass and maize silage as well as for the conservation of grain proved to be a successful strategy for the company’s long term development, and FARMATIC still benefits from it today.


Relocation to Nortorf, Rendsburg-Eckernfoerde District

The company’s steady growth made it necessary to establish its own office, manufacturing and storage spaces. In cooperation with well-known universities the first wastewater plants for customers in the food industry and in municipalities were developed and built based on the proven segmented steel tank construction.


Basic research and development for FARMATIC biogas technology

The continued, systematic development of tank and plant construction, sustained investment in research partnerships and its own R&D processes allowed the transition from a manufacturer of agricultural plants to a leading biotech company active in the fields of biogas and biological wastewater treatment.


Planning, delivery and installation of the first FARMATIC biogas power plant

The new biogas technology business area was further developed and expanded massively. FARMATIC played a major role in the initial creation of the German market for “renewable energy” and contributed significantly to the current success of biogas technology.


Implementation of its QM system based on DIN EN ISO 9001

FARMATIC’s successful audit and certification in 1998 marked  a decisive step for the company, allowing it to meet the requirements of national and international markets. 


Initial public offering and name change to farmatic biotech energy ag

The company’s success and rapid developments in the renewable energy market inspired major private investors and banks. They launched an initial public offering despite the continued downward trend of the German New Market.
farmatic biotech energy ag successfully carried out large biogas projects around the world. It became the market leader in industrial biogas plants and laid the foundation for the development biogas upgrading and its use as a fossil fuel substitute. It developed processes for mechanical-biological processing of mixed waste, new process control technology for SBR wastewater plants and highly efficient filter systems for highly concentrated industrial wastewater.


farmatic biotech energy ag files for bankruptcy

Market uncertainty resulting from the constant postponements of an amendment to the German Renewable Energy Law (EEG) led to a decline in orders in Germany. The collapsing new market and the ensuing decline in share prices led to liquidity problems for farmatic.

The corporate management, increasingly dominated by large private investors, was unable to find its way out of the financial crisis. Germany’s largest company in the biogas sector had to file for bankruptcy.


Re-founding as FARMATIC Anlagenbau GmbH

The technical expertise and long experience of the corporation’s former employees, technicians and engineers naturally lived on. The logical step taken by former employees was a new beginning, initiated by company founder Willi J. Müller.

Today the company’s expertise in tank construction provides a solid basis for sustained development and growth. FARMATIC has once again established itself as a reliable partner and successful provider of turn-key projects in the fields of wastewater treatment and biogas technology.


New management and shareholder structure

The appointment of new managing partners marked the acceleration of the company’s expansion into international markets for biogas plants.