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  • Livestock

  • Cattledata


    Cattledata constantly monitors the status of individual animals from the time they enter the system until they depart. CATTLEdata can be applied to suckler cows and their progeny, purchased store and finisher enterprises. It can also apply to dairy herds where dairy replacement and youngstock control is required. In addition many dairy units which use NMR or CIS for milk records use CATTLEdata to give detailed movement, health and calving records...

  • Cattledata Mobile Module

    Cattledata Mobile Module

    Cattledata is now more versatile then ever. From the program you can now download a version of Cattledata to PDA handheld devices operating Windows Mobile.

  • Sheepdata


    The systems of production on sheep farms  are various, with many aspects specific to individual farms. The new SHEEPdata computer program recognises this diversity by providing versatility and flexibility, without sacrificing the simplicity which is typical of all FARMdata products. Individual animal records and batches of animals can be maintained within the same flock giving it the facility to cope with almost any system. The SHEEPdata program...

  • Sheepdata Mobile Module

    Sheepdata Mobile Module

    Look up live animal records, Add new data, including calvings, services, scan results, sales, culling, movements, health treatments, weaning and castration, View animal lists by selected headings, Synchronise all new data on to your PC when you return to base, Includes EID Module.

  • Dairydata


    Dairydata is the simple, cost-effective windows program for recording and managing the total milk enterprise.

  • Crop

  • Cropdata


    CROPdata recognises that there are varied arable enterprises often with aspects specific to one farm. CROPdata offers a simple system to monitor output and performance in an arable enterprise.

  • Cropdata Mobile Module

    Cropdata Mobile Module

    CROPdata is now more versatile than ever. From the program you can now download a version of CROPdata to PDA handheld devices operating Windows Mobile.

  • NVZdata


    With the introduction of Nitrate Vulnerable Zones to many areas the recording of nitrogen production and usage is now an essential requirement.