Farmi Forest Corporation

Farmi Forest Corporation

Farmi Forest specialises in designing and manufacturing tractor-mounted equipment for forest logistics and biomass production. Since 1962 we have been a global pioneer in developing innovative forestry machinery, processing solutions and services to meet the demands of profitable and sustainable forestry management. Farmi Forest drives for quality, productivity, safety and customer orientation. Our history and expertise are based on the long history of Finnish forest industry. In this land of ‘green gold’, the forestry industry has always been the backbone of our economy. The rapid developments in forest industry technologies, machine manufacturing and competence have significantly boosted success of the sector and the rise of leading technological expertise in the world.

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Ahmolantie 6 , IISALMI , FIN-74510 Finland
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Innovations inspired by our customers.

We invest heavily in research and development. The final technical features of many of our products are the outcome of a close collaboration with the end users, and are designed to improve productivity and usability for different operations and conditions.

Today our product range comprises of tractor-mounted cranes, harvesters, forest trailers, wood chippers, skidding winches and firewood processors. Our focus is to enhance the productivity of forestry logistics and biomass production, and deliver outstanding value to our customers with various tailored solutions.

During 50 years of active expansion in forestry mechanisation, Farmi Forest has become one of the world’s leading forestry and woodland machinery brands. Over 80% of our turnover comes from exports across the continents, supplied by over 40 partners. Farmi Forest is a subsidiary of mining technology provider Normet Group.

Farmi chipper / shredder for chipping and recycling
First FARMI chippers were designed for chipping firewood. Later on environmental concerns and needs have given new challenges to FARMI. Many states have forbidden burning of roadside and yard brush and trees. Different materials as paper and plastic should be removed from waste stream. FARMI has developed a universal chipper with which you can chip wood for fuel chips, landscape chips or composting. The same machine will shredd recyclable plastics through a screen for compact storage and shipping. And the same machine will turn unwanted newsprint into livestock bedding.

Farmi and Primero hydraulic cranes and forest trailers
Equipped with a hydraulic loader and a bogie trailer your farm tractor becomes a modern forest machine capable of nearly the same performance as a load-carrying forwarder. This is especially true for four wheel drive both in the tractor and in the trailer. Compared with special machines, the advantages of the farm tractor, crane, trailer combination are its lower initial cost and multiple use. FARMI cranes have outreach of 6,6 - 8,5 m and trailers net load capacity of 9 - 13 tons (Primero 6,7 m / 9,0 t). The biggest trailers have four wheel drive.

Farmi skidding winches
FARMI is one of the world's largest producers of farm tractor-mounted winches, pulling capacities from 3 to 8,5 tons. FARMI skidding winches are developed for both winching and skidding of whole trunks and shortwood. On rough ground and steep inclines where working with other machines is difficult or impossible or when annual tree quantity doesn’t justify bigger machines, winches are ideal. Many professionals have FARMI winches as often needed accessory for their base machines.

Farmi firewood processors
FARMI Mastersplits are designed for producing top-quality firewood safely, efficiently and easily. They have many features which make the job faster and more efficient! As well tractor mounted models as models with own electrical or combustion motor are available.

FARMI FOREST CORPORATION is a part of Normet Group Corporation, which is a privately owned Finnish company with workforce over 300.