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  • Cutting & Felling

  • Model K250 - Felling Head

    Model K250 - Felling Head

    A middle-sized felling head for tractors, forwarders, 5-8 ton excavators, and truck loader cranes

  • Winches

  • FARMI  - Model JL 290 - Winch

    FARMI - Model JL 290 - Winch

    JL290 is an ideal and handy winch for small tractors from 15 HP on, where the distance of PTO shaft is not much from ground. Standard model includes the upper cable pulley and ample buut plate with notched beam.

  • Cranes

  • Model HK 4067 - Loader

    Model HK 4067 - Loader

    This economical loader is designed to meet the demands of the forestry and agriculture industry. Loader is very well suited for the timber loading from thinnings to early clear fell and as multipurpose tool for many kind of lifting work.

  • Model HK 4670 - Cranes

    Model HK 4670 - Cranes

    The FARMI 4670 crane is the optimum choice for the transport of thinning material and wood used for energy generation as well as for various agricultural and forestry lifting tasks. A good reach and slewing torque, 760 kg lifting capacity at a reach of 4 m and wide-angle joint – these features enable the crane to be used e.g. for feeding small chippers. The mechanical two-lever valve for the electrical control of extension boom and grapple as...

  • Forest Trailers

  • - Model 70 - Forest Trailer

    - Model 70 - Forest Trailer

    FARMI 2740-70 is the smallest Forest Trailer Combination from Farmi Forest. It is an excellent choice for lighter forestry. It is at its best with small tractors at wood transportation from thinnings and at energy wood transportation. With this Combination, you can move plenty of wood easily to roadside. The FARMI 70 Forest Trailer has a strong Single Beam Frame with Movable Bolsters and it is fully compatible with the FARMI 2740 Crane, which is...

  • - Model 90 - Forest Trailer

    - Model 90 - Forest Trailer

    FARMI 4067-90, the economical multi-purpose combination is most suitable for the movement of timber from thinnings to early clear fell. It is also well suited for transporting different materials on work sites/ agricultural land.