FarmLink, LLC

Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, FarmLink provides premier combine rental programs and proprietary data services. The company’s offering helps improve customers’ profitability and overall business performance. Our combine rental business, MachineryLink, provides on-time, field-ready machines to growers across North America from the largest fleet of late model equipment with state-of-the-art customer and maintenance support. By renting with MachineryLink, farmers receive significant value without locking up substantial capital – allowing them to invest in other areas of their operation. MachineryLink customers also receive exclusive access to FarmLink Analytics, a proprietary grower information platform that helps farmers make better grain marketing decisions.

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1600 Genessee Street, Suite 700 , Kansas City , Montana 64102 USA

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
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Nationally (across the country)

A Foundation Based on Innovation

The original concept that developed into our combine rental business arose in the late 1990’s when a Kansas wheat farmer began partnering with area growers to share agricultural equipment in order to reduce costs, free up capital and more effectively manage risk.

This common-sense approach of sharing underutilized assets quickly grew in popularity, and MachineryLink emerged as a viable equipment utilization resource for growers, providing the necessary logistics, maintenance and technical support to maximize productivity.

Soon, the business model was refined and molded into the nation’s leading combine rental fleet with nearly 300 machines in operation today. A specialized transportation division was also created to deliver the equipment when and where needed across the most productive agricultural states.

Two permanent service centers are conveniently located in Pratt, Kansas and North Sioux City, South Dakota. Additional service support is provided by temporary service yards spread strategically along the harvest route. Our partnerships with a nationwide network of over 300 John Deere and Case IH dealers also provide parts and service to maximize customer uptime during harvest.

Today, we continue to grow while innovating, adding and expanding services focused on improving farm operations and revenues.

comparable conditions

Year in and year out, TrueHarvest helps farmers understand how land just like theirs performed, showing each field’s true potential and helping farmers make better decisions about where to use their resources.

Find your TrueHarvest

The TrueHarvest Benchmark will be available for corn and soybeans, starting with Iowa, and will roll out through the end of April for the remaining states, with wheat to follow.

To get updates on the rollout schedule, sign up here.


We believe every farmer in America should benefit from this revolutionary combination of big data and agriculture. And because we believe so strongly in TrueHarvest Benchmark's capabilities, we are offering every farmer who signs up and registers all his fields access to his 2013 field-level benchmark at the 95th percentile, free of charge.

At a glance, you will:

  • See where the revenue improvement opportunities lie for your entire portfolio of farms
  • Gain a better understanding of where best to use your resources as you plan for the planting season


Having seen this unique insight and its value, we believe you will want to purchase the full TrueHarvest Benchmark product. The TrueHarvest Benchmark introductory offer includes your complete 2013 field-level Benchmarks for your entire portfolio of fields, plus:

  • Your 2013 field, zone and micro-field level Benchmarks at the 5th, 25th, 50th, 75th and 95th percentiles
  • Your 2014 field, zone and micro-field level Benchmarks at the 5th, 25th, 50th, 75th and 95th percentiles
  • Free, optional installation of our proprietary Micro-Field Reader that will record your yields at the micro-field level
  • Unique Gap Maps that show opportunity by comparing your yields to the 2014 TrueHarvest Benchmark
  • Revenue improvement opportunities by field and, if you have a Micro-Field Reader, by zone as well

The 2014 TrueHarvest Benchmark, included as part of the introductory offer, will help you measure the impact of this year's decisions and plan for the 2015 season.

We are invested in the success of your crop — that's why the price for the TrueHarvest Benchmark is the equivalent of approximately one bushel of corn or 4/10 bushel of soybeans per acre, which will require an up-front deposit plus a payment at Fall settlement.