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For more than thirty years Farmplus have been producing timber buildings which are extraordinarily robust, aesthetically pleasing and excellent value for money. Our buildings are designed to BS5502 Class 2 (an agricultural specification). Farmplus buildings are made using timber grown in sustainable forests. Wood is the most environmentally friendly commercial building material known to man. In Europe we only harvest 65% of forest growth, therefore tree numbers increase every year. Uniquely it is renewable and, even allowing for the energy required for logging, shipping and processing, it is effectively carbon neutral – for every cubic metre of growth, trees absorb one tonne of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere storing it as carbon and releasing oxygen. Because wood breathes it helps keep the indoor environment of Farmplus timber buildings healthy, balancing the humidity inside by absorbing moisture when it’s wet and releasing it when it’s dry.

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Shay Lane, Longridge , Preston , Lancashire PR3 3BT United Kingdom

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Agriculture - Forestry
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Internationally (various countries)

The Farmplus style of timber building originated in 1973 and thousands of our timber buildings are still in operation today. All of our timber is treated with Celcure P60 (UK) wood preservative by vacuum pressure impregnation, which provides long lasting protection due to its deep penetrating action. A re-application is simply required at 20 year intervals.

Our Location & Staff
Farmplus is based in Longridge, in the county of Lancashire, where we prepare all timber buildings and fittings in our workshop. Our staff are always available and willing to discuss any aspect of your project. We can also make site visits to advise on the layout and positioning of your timber building, whilst at the same time consider all design options. We offer a nationwide service with a northern and a southern sales office.