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  • Farmex - Containment Basin Tank

    Farmex - Containment Basin Tank

    FARMEX containment basin is the unique equipment for the tanks to be able to meet the requirementsin ground water area. Sturdy eaves prevent the containment basin from the possible collision, the containment basin is removable for the maintenance and control. Models with the FARMEX containment basin is the best solution for the fuel oil storage in the farms and ground water areas. All transportable  FARMEX IBC tanks are already aquipped with the...

  • Farmex - Transportable Tanks

    Farmex - Transportable Tanks

    Farmex offers diverse solutions fot the fuel oil transportation as well as for the storage for petrol oil. With our transportable tanks transportation of the fuel oil will be successful and according to the regulations. We can add any equipment according to customers needs. All Promex IBC tanks are equipped with highly qualified containment basin and the eaves. Promex containment basin is the best and longest lasting solution for the end users,...