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  • FARMEX Storage Tanks Leaflet

    FARMEX Storage Tanks Leaflet

    The containment basin and the FARMEX eaves are easily removable for maintenance and contol. Inside the basin is a sturdy build tank with feet, which is constructed according to the standard SFS 2733. Inside of the containment basin and underside of the tank is painted. All works with the tank must be accomplished when it's empty, bolts must be opened and tank can be taken off with the help of the lifting hooks. The tank equipped with the containment...

  • Farmex Eco Tanks Leaflet

    Farmex Eco Tanks Leaflet

    According to our choice variety we can constantly offer repaired tanks of different capacity for the fuel oil storage. Available capacity 1500 - 9000 liters. FARMEX ECO tanks are equipped with sturdy feet, lifting hooks and hatchway. FARMEX ECO tanks are avalaible with different accessories. FARMEX ECO tank is a renovated oil tank, which has undergone FARMEX ECO basic repairing program. It is a safe choice for fuel oil storage. After FARMEX repaired...