Fast2Grow, Inc.

We are an American agro-company that is manufacturing a novel plant biostimulant, Fast2Grow®, for use in both large and small agriculture and horticulture operations. Based in east Texas, we specialize in bioconversion of poultry manure into a biostimulant that is both eco-friendly and extremely effective at boosting yield and plant quality in many different crops and under diverse growing conditions.

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1770 St. James Place Suite 202 , Houston , Texas 77019 USA

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Nationally (across the country)
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Fast2Grow® is produced through a proprietary, high-temperature fermentation process that enriches for plant-growth enhancing microorganisms, builds up micro nutrients, phytohormones, and trace bioactive compounds. Unlike other biostimulants that are produced from harvested rare plant materials, we manufacture Fast2Grow® from readily available poultry manure.

Our process creates an environmentally friendly and sustainable product while at the same time provides us with the opportunity to meet the quantity requirements of both the small grower and the very biggest farm operations. Fast2Grow® is developed to maximize crop potential and is meant to complement your existing crop nutrition and crop protection plan; we are certified by OMRI for use in organic farming. Our mission is simple: to provide you with a low cost biostimulant that will give you a better crop health, superior crop growth, and the best possible crop yield.