Faza Srl

Faza Srl – It’s been more than 30 years since Faza started manufacturing agricultural machinery, we’re a very well known brand worldwide. Soil equipment, hay making, fertilizer spreaders, hobby machines. We also produce equipment for low HP tractors and animal-trailed equipment too. We put serious effort into studying how the global market moves and changes, that’s because we want to offer machines with cutting-edge technology, and we think green: our SF harrow can extirpate weed without the need of chemicals, we also offer the RV, a plough designed with biological agriculture in mind.

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Via Antoniucci Giuseppe,19 , Città Di Castello (PG) , 06012 Italy

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Agriculture - Crop Cultivation
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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We’re a strong presence in the italian marketplace, but we’re also growing in the expo department, we offer our products all around Europe and worldwide, knowing that we have a high quality line with affordable prices. We provide use and maintenance manuals and spare parts catalogues, genuine Faza parts are always available to buy from our warehouse. We export 50% of our production.

We can innovate our machinery quickly thanks to our technical office, where highly skilled people can adapt the machine according to the final customer requires.

be the Italian alternative in the world, identified as leader in terms of quality for small and medium agricultural equipment suitable for the working of the soil and the care of the environment

build, adapt and repair agricultural machinery, in order to contribute at the sustainable development of the world’s nurishment, caring about the environment and the people

quality by any means