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  • FDI  - Enrichable Condo Layer Unit

    FDI - Enrichable Condo Layer Unit

    The 'FDI Enrichable Condo Layer Unit' is easily converted to the 'FDI Enriched Condo Layer Unit' without compromising the structural integrity of the unit.Measurement: 144' wide X 26' or 28' deep X 18' high.The FDI Condo system is designed to easily add the required 'Enriched' items which include dedicated nest area with curtains, nest pad, litter delivery systems with mat, perches, breast platers with claw shorteners. All enriched furnishings meet or...

  • Stacked  - Pullet Rearing Cages

    Stacked - Pullet Rearing Cages

    The FDI A-Frame Pullet Rearing Cages share the same proven design characteristics as the FDI Stacked Cages.Two styles are available: low profile design w/ manure pass through or slant back cage design w/ manure drape.Both A-Frame designs can be tailored to fit existing deep or shallow pit houses.The feed trough is fastened outside the cage which eliminates entry by birds preventing droppings from contaminating the feed

  • Quail Cages

    Quail Cages

    Cage size: 20' wide x 22' deep x 8' high.Breeder and layer cages.Shares many features of the proven stacked layer cages.Complete manure removal system.Automated egg collection.Proven chain feeding with specially designed feed trough.Nipple drinking reduces moisture content in manure.1/2' x 1' 16 gauge wire mesh floors for increased bird comfort.Full width sliding doors provide less intrusive access to birds

  • High Speed Manure Conveyor Systems

    High Speed Manure Conveyor Systems

    200 ft. per minute 24' wide flexible belt with stainless steel lacing.6' vulcanized rubber drive roller with powered pinch rollers.12 gauge galvanized side frame has open design, which reduces freezing.6' idler roller with 1' shaft and bearings for tensioning and take up .Storage building conveyor has spreader attached for continuous piling

  • Nesting Systems

    Nesting Systems

    Available on slats or stands and can be winched.Community nests with expulsion system or individual nest holes.Automatic egg collection for single or multistorey buildings risers, egg elevators and conveyors are available.Removable nest pads are easily cleaned.Galvanized steel panels are lightweight, easy to ship and assemble