Feraboli S.p.a.

Feraboli driven by a profound passion for the mechanics and a great spirit of enterprise imported the first threshing machine to Italy. He soon started the manufacture of these machines of which some were destined to sale others to his personal contractor activity. In the following decades, he actively dedicated himself to the development of even further technologically advanced products being conscious of the progressive change in the agricultural sector. He therefore started up manufacture of stable equipment and irrigation systems.

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Via Bredina, 6 , Cremona , CR 26100 Italy

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Internationally (various countries)

More than 130 years of history and a strong will to succeed.  Feraboli has concurred during the years to the agricultural world innovation, actively involved in the production of machines always more technologically advanced.

40.000 m2 area where tradition melts with the state-of-the-art technologies. We are in Cremona, a city situated in the Po valley, a land which has always been inseparably attached to agriculture, where the soil has been ploughed with passion and devotion for generations.

The most significant steps:

  • 1880: Luigi Feraboli, driven by a strong passion for mechanics, imports in Italy the first threshing machine and starts the manufacture.
  • 1900: are introduced the first livestock equipment, irrigation systems, corn shellers and universal mills for agricultural use. The company keeps growing and the number of employees increase.
  • 20s: the company is awarded the gold medal for the first prototype of  drum threshing-ensiler  at the Verona agricultural show.
  • ’30s and 40s: launch of two new machines: forage elevators and tool-carrying tractors with power  from 6 to 11 HP .
  • ’50s: starts the manufacture of the first corn cob picker combined with a corn stalk shredder and automatic manure transportation systems.
  • ’60s:  are introduced several technologically advanced products:  1 and 2-row crop head forage harvesters with pick-up and cutter bar,  forage wagons, ensiling blowers to load vertical storage bins and 2-row-crop head harvesters for harvesting corn cobs.
  • ’70s: Power harrows are included in the product range. The employees number is 200.
  • ’80s: the company celebrates the first 100 years of activity. Fixed and variable chamber round balers start to be manufactured.
  •  ’90s:  lauch of the variable geometry round baler SPRINTER, that allows the operator to set the dimensions and characteristics of the bale CORE.
  •  2004: launch of  EXTREME, a further development of the SPRINTER, that completes the round balers range and introduction of high-quality mower conditioners in the product range.