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  • Tilrovators

  • Ferguson - Model 1100S Series - Power Tillage

    Ferguson - Model 1100S Series - Power Tillage

    FERGUSON TILROVATOR shown with bed-shaper.  This once over operation is performing tillage, incorporating herbicide, and leaving a uniform bed that will allow for effective cultivation or spraying for the entire growing season.

  • Model SW-1-76-7D - Power Tillage

    Model SW-1-76-7D - Power Tillage

    Ferguson Tilrovator Model #80-80 adapted for close row cultivation of vegetables plants - adjustable tunnel row crop shields protects small crop and are adjustable from 6' to 11' opening. Optional 24' diameter rotors available for greater crop clearance. Models available for all row spacings. Base unit standard with 540 rpm, 3 pt lift, gauge wheels (slip clutch optional). Rotors completely adjustable. Model 80-80...

  • Economy Implements

  • Econo - Bedder

    Econo - Bedder

    Bedder ideal for: vegetable growers, nurseries, specialty crops.

  • SW Bed Shapers

  • Ferguson - Model SW-4-36-4 - Bedshaper

    Ferguson - Model SW-4-36-4 - Bedshaper

    SW-4-36-4 Bedshaper.  This model used for 4-28' - 36' row spacing.  Bedshaper shapes bed 4' in height - aproximately 24' wide on top.  Height of bed determined by size of individual row dividers.  Row dividers are available in 2', 4', 5' and 7' heights.  Bed heights up to 4' can be attained from flat-worked field.  Pre-marked or listed rows required for bed heights exceeding 4' to insure uniform beds. ...

  • Drain Ditcher

  • Ferguson - Model 51-18-54 - Drain Ditcher

    Ferguson - Model 51-18-54 - Drain Ditcher

    51-18-54 Ferguson Drain Ditcher with deflector shield used by strawberry growers to maintain beds and move uniform flow of soil from middles to tops of row.  Amount of soil regulated by depth of cut and forward speed.  Deflector shields are adjustable to maintain uniform distribution of soil on top of bed.

  • Rip Strip Till

  • Ferguson - Rip Strip Till

    Ferguson - Rip Strip Till

    Rip Strip Till is designed to offer today's row crop producer flexibility and economic savings while preparing a uniform seed bed in the most difficult situation.  This unit conforms to today's soil conservation standards to control soil erosion, where highly erodable land has to be worked. 4-36' rows prepared with Ferguson Rip-Strip-Till. Note how soil is controlled in zone and how clean your traffic middle...

  • Bale Handling Equipment

  • 3 Point Lift Bale Spike

    3 Point Lift Bale Spike

    This economical unit is constructed with thick wall tubing.  The lower main frame is 4' to 7' vertical mounted tubing and the upright mast is 4' x 4', ⅜' wall tubing - Shipping Weight 148 lbs. Cat. I-II 3-Pt. Hitch. 2-¼' x 42' Spike.