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  • Tray Planter

  • Ferrari - Model FX - Transplanter

    Ferrari - Model FX - Transplanter

    The FERRARI FX transplanter is a machine equipped with a rotary carousel suitable for planting vegetables in cylindrical, conical and pyramidal plugs. One of the most interesting features of this transplanter is the minimum row distance achievable: 25 cm (9.8') which allows the user to plant high density vegetables like lettuce and radicchio, broccoli, celery, fennel, onions and many others. 

  • Ferrari - Model F-MAX - Trans Planter

    Ferrari - Model F-MAX - Trans Planter

    The FERRARI transplanter model F-MAX is suitable for planting a wide variety of vegetables: tomatoes, cabbages, broccoli, peppers, celery, tobacco and many others. This carousel machine can be fed with plugs of different shapes (pyramid, cylinder, cone and, in some cases, square blocks). The transplanter carousel is turning in clockmotion (STOP&GO). This specific feature is extremely important to guarantee a constant drop of the plants from...

  • Multipla - Transplanter

    Multipla - Transplanter

    The FERRARI MULTIPLA transplanter is a carousel machine suitable for planting vegetables in plugs of different shapes (pyramid, cylinder, cone, ...). This machine is suitable for a large variety of vegetables: tomato, cabbage, broccoli, celery, lettuce and onions are the most common. Every MULTIPLA planting unit is equipped with two independent parallel linkages that float on the ground, in order to grant a perfect planting quality even when the...

  • Futura - Automatic Transplanter

    Futura - Automatic Transplanter

    The FERRARI FUTURA is a fully automated transplanter that can work with vegetables stored in trays of different sizes and materials (hard plastic, foam, disposable). The machine works by itself (only one operator is required to feed the transplanter robots with trays). Every robot extracts the seedlings using a technology based on cylindrical plungers combined with moving fingers. There is no need to use a specific tray to run FUTURA, the machine will...

  • Potato Planter

  • Ferrari - Model FPM - Potato Planter

    Ferrari - Model FPM - Potato Planter

    The FERRARI potato planter mod FPM  is a very simple and fuctional machine, each element is equipped with a large turning carousel that allows the tubers to drop down into the furrow. The Semi-automatic potato planter is driven by the driving wheel of the element. The earthing-up of the tubers is made either by discs with adjustable angle or by ridgers with adjustable wings. FPM potato planter has been designed for planting either potatoes or...

  • Block Planter

  • Rotostrapp - Trans Planter

    Rotostrapp - Trans Planter

    The highest yield combined with top transplanting quality: this is the most common comment you will hear from farmers who  work with ROTOSTRAPP. This FERRARI transplanter, has been studied for square-blocks (cubic shape sod), it's a modular machine and it's available in two versions: pulled and self-propelled. The machine can work with compressed square-blocks. The peat in the block needs to be well pressed and the side of each block can go from...

  • Ferrari - Model F - Transplanter

    Ferrari - Model F - Transplanter

    The F Ferrari precision transplanter was designed to transplant lettuce and other vegetables in square blocks from 2.5 to 5 cm. This completely mechanical transplanter is extremely simple and easy to use.  FERRARI F is very precise, every single unit is independent from the others and all the plant are left in the ground on a diamond pattern to guarantee a proper growing area to every single plant. F transplanter is equipped with a very narrow...

  • Film Planter

  • Ferrari - Model FP - Film Layer

    Ferrari - Model FP - Film Layer

    The FERRARI FP film layer lays in a perfect way the plastic mulch on the ground (either polyethylene, biodegradable or cellulose). and at the same time covers the film on the sides by means of ploughshares that are adjustable in height and in width. The most important feature of the FERRARI FP film layer is the capacity of keeping the film constantly in tension thanks to the use of a front roller the turn together with the film. The film is stored in...

  • Ferrari - Model FPC - Layer and Transplanter

    Ferrari - Model FPC - Layer and Transplanter

    The FERRARI FPC transplanting machine was developed to accomplish simultaneous operations in one pass. This transplanter can lay either polyethylene or biodegradable film to the ground, make holes through the mulch and transplant square block pots. The output is on average 5,000 plants per hour on every row. FPC can be either tractor pulled or self-propelled. Different frames are available according to the size of the film roll and the number of rows...