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  • Fruit Harvester Technologie

  • Model OS - Fruit Shaker

    Model OS - Fruit Shaker

    The fruit shaker OS is a 3-point rope shaker. It is front or rear mounted to the tractor and driven by the PTO. The 54-pound unit is normally equipped with a ten-meter-long steel cable that is hooked into the main branches of the crown. With the rope taut you begin the shaking process. The shaker is for over 20 years on the market and has so far sold more than 3500 times. With a rope shaker you quickly get the labor-free apples from the tree. The loop...

  • Model OS - Telescopic Rod Shaker

    Model OS - Telescopic Rod Shaker

    Telescopic rod - Patented tool for securing the belt without the fruit shaker head. Here at Feucht we’re constantly striving to offer our customers the greatest possible efficiency and safety in the operation of our machines. In the past it was necessary to fix the head by a steel rope to the branches. This time-consuming and sometimes dangerous process is made a thing of the past by our patented tool. By means of an ingenious hook and loop...

  • Model VHP - Trunk Hydraulic Shaker

    Model VHP - Trunk Hydraulic Shaker

    Feucht hydraulic shakers VHB / D / E / S / Y are characterized by strong but gentle bark grippers. Working with the tree shaker is very simple. The gripper attached to the three point linkage of a tractor encircles the trunk to the tree to be shaken.The pressure on the gripper attached rubber jaw is adjustable. A hydraulically driven gripper shakes entire tree. Cherries, plums and mirabelles, apples, pears, olives or nuts can be harvested hereby...

  • Fruit Sorting Cleaning Trailer

  • Fruit Cleaning Trailer

    Fruit Cleaning Trailer

    This machine may carry either one or two employees at the sorting belt.With the fruit sorting carriage grass and leaves are separated from the fruits and sort the good fruits from the rotting fruit.

  • Berry Harvester

  • Orchand Planter

    Orchand Planter

    The planting unit is intended for berry bushes and other similar plants.Due to the digging possibility of the second worker's seat, the planting of fruit and ornamental trees is possible. The use different coulters,...

  • Berry Bushes

    Berry Bushes

    The former for the cutting of berry bushes is used for forming the shrubs in a V-form. It prevents the growth of sapling ends and facilitates the fruit harvest with the harvester.  The cutting of thw unnecessary saplings from the shrub center should...

  • Herbezid Sprayer

    Herbezid Sprayer

    Our herbicide joist is designed for fighting against weed under the bushes on currant, gooseberry and chokeberry plantations. It may also be used on other fruit crops. The joist is hung in front of the tractor and powered from any sprayer connected to a steering valve. The steering pipe in a lifting mechanism is connected to quick hitches in a tractor’s hydraulic. A hydraulic mechanism allows an easy lifting of the joist into a transport...

  • Currant Harvester

    Currant Harvester

    The harvester is for gooseberry, black and red current. The recommended speed is about 0,6-1,5 km/h and depends mainly on the yields size. Harvest efficiency is about 0,1-0,2 ha/h and it highly depends on the way that fruits are being unloaded.The harvester takes during one pass harvests fruit from one side in a row. It should be driven by an agricultural tractor with min. power of 20 kW. Also its functionality and reliability has increased. The most...

  • Chokeberry Harvester

    Chokeberry Harvester

    One of theversionsproducedthe harvesteris used as ARONIC tothe applepickingberries/aronia berries. Itis thenfittedwith appropriatelymodifiedslidesforshrubs anda shakerthat hasa higher frequency.

  • Nuts Processing

  • Walnut Huller

    Walnut Huller

    At the beginning of the season especially, if you harvest fresh walnuts, you will certainly need  this machine that hulls efficiently fresh walnuts. Easy to use and equipped with a high capacity tank,  our huller works very quickly, without crushing walnuts.

  • Stone Separator

    Stone Separator

    Directly placed after a harvester or after a pre-washing (or cleaning) station, this machine will easily separate walnuts from rocks so as to minimize the impact of possible dirt, rocks, dirt clods, mud… on the rest of the line. This multifunctional device is also used to separategood chestnuts from bad ones. As the water level is constant, you will work in the same conditions from the beginning to the end of your work period.

  • Model L - Walnut Washing Machine

    Model L - Walnut Washing Machine

    Walnuts must be washed after harvesting and cleaned of twigs, soil, leaves and green shells. The machine is equipped with thick steel bars, which ensures a first-class cleaning. The machine can also be used for...