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  • Portapig Housing

  • Farrowing Portapig Housing System

    Farrowing Portapig Housing System

    Farrowing buildings can be supplied as a single unit to accommodate 6-20 crates. Any building can be further divided into separate rooms. For example an 18 crate building can be divided into 3 rooms with 6 crates in each, or a 20 crate building into 2 rooms with 10 crates in each. Single Farrowing buildings are often placed side by side and can be linked by a forward passage giving the same working environment as a large static building. Portapig Duo...

  • Finishing Portapig Housing System

    Finishing Portapig Housing System

    Available up to 25 metres long x 9.5 metres wide. Concretes slatted floor. Unique slurry system with each pen having its own individual slurry tank. In operation within 4 days from delivery

  • Pig Equipment & Accessories

  • Model F1000 - Maximiser Farrowing Crates

    Model F1000 - Maximiser Farrowing Crates

    Heavy duty 83kg. galvanised finger design crate which allow the piglets to maximise suckling of the sow. The crate design reduces mortality rate to low levels and produces heavier piglets at weaning. Our especially designed stainless steel trough has a rounded bottom which eliminates corners hence avoiding stale feed getting settled into the trough making it more hygienic. Different trough options include the popular split trough & pressure valve...

  • Other Products

  • Steel Portal Frame Buildings

    Steel Portal Frame Buildings

    Our engineering department manufacture a range of steel portal frame buildings suitable for any farm project. The Powerhouse range of pig housing use portal frames as the main structure then fitted with our bonded panels to complete the walls and structure. Portal frames have been used in slatted dry sow housing, farrowing, nursery and finishing projects.

  • Insulated Bonded Panels

    Insulated Bonded Panels

    Bonded Panels Systems have designed and developed their Bonded Panels for use specifically in the pig and poultry sector where they are mainly used as housing wall panels. They are suitable for a wide variety of purposes within the wider agricultural sector.