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  • Model FL300 Grow - LED Light

    Model FL300 Grow - LED Light

    The FL300 Grow is designed for all production facilities where supplementary lighting is required. Whether for a highly modern tomato facility, a small flower grower, or a forestry, the FL300 meets all possible needs. The controllable spectrum can both be dimmed and changed to fit various requirements. And when it comes to cost savings, the FL300 Grow offers extremely high energy conversion from electrical input power to photons, resulting in the...

  • SUNLIGHT - Model FL 300 - LED Light

    SUNLIGHT - Model FL 300 - LED Light

    The FL300 basis fixture can be equipped with a large range of different diodes, and to accommodate an increasing demand from our customers ranging from plant researchers to garden centers we created a spectrum designed to replica the light coming from the sun. Our solution is based on the same solid background as the FL300 Grow, and are designed to withstand the harsh environment of a glass house and working year after year. The minimalistic design...

  • Model FL 300 Grow - White Spectrum LED Light

    Model FL 300 Grow - White Spectrum LED Light

    The FL300 Grow White spectrum was developed by growers with special lighting requirements and offers a full continuous spectrum. It is a combination of the Grow and the Sunlight spectrum, and combines the best of both worlds. This spectrum is used in climate chambers where a higher photosynthetic activity is required or by growers...

  • Model FL 300 - Algae LED Top Light

    Model FL 300 - Algae LED Top Light

    The FL300 Algae LED top-light is a 600 watt fixture emitting light in the photosynthetic active region of the visible light spectrum. The Algae solution suit most photosynthetic active mikroorganisms and the spectrum is espicially optimised for aquatic enviroments. The increased focus on the blue photoreceptors increase product yeild of the Algae, and gives a stable growth for 18-24 hours each day depending of culture. The FL300 Algae is just on of...

  • Logic Clima - Model 4 - TEC Controllers

    Logic Clima - Model 4 - TEC Controllers

    In the development of LCC 4 great importance is attached to achieving a simple user interface without compromising the setting options. We have collaborated with the nurseries in developing the LCC 4 and this is clearly expressed by the user friendliness of the computer. LCC 4 features a touch screen and in combination with the option to design own screen pictures this makes the climate computers a safe and logical tool at all times.