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  • Farm Equipments

  • Tractor Mixer

    Tractor Mixer

    Tractor Mixer Type: 850l. Transmitter’s shaft drive. Power demand: 80KM.

  • Single-Beam Mouldboard

    Single-Beam Mouldboard

    Single-Beam Mouldboard Type: 3+, 3+1, 4, 4+1.Jum­ping adju­st­ment of wor­king body width (cm):  42–37-32.Body gauge: 92cm.Power demand: 75KM, 100KM, 125KM

  • Rake and Tedder

    Rake and Tedder

     Rake and Tedder other types of couplings ava­ila­ble.Wor­king ran­sack width: 2,1m.wor­king rake width: 2,8m,Weight: 210kg

  • Rotary Hay Rake

    Rotary Hay Rake

     Rotary Rake wor­king width: 2,7m.Num­ber of rotor arms : 5pcs, 6pcs.Weight: 150kg

  • Mounted Ploughs

    Mounted Ploughs

    Mounted Ploughs rein­for­ced frame.2-mouldboards (mm) (h-600, s-30; h-700, s-30).3-mouldboards (mm) (h-600, s-30; h-700, s-30; h-700, s-35; h-700, s-40).4-mouldboards (mm) (h-700, s-35; h-700, s-40). 5-mouldboards (mm) (h-700, s-35; h-700, s-40)

  • Breakable Plough

    Breakable Plough

    Breakable Plough shear bolt: the screw M16.3-mouldboards (mm) (h-700, s– 35; h-700, s– 40).4-mouldboards (mm) (h-700, s– 35; h-700, s– 40). 5-mouldboards (mm) (h-700, s– 35; h-700, s– 40)

  • Frontloader Implements

  • Square Bale Gripper

    Square Bale Gripper

    Square Bale Gripper Grip width: 1200mm.Min. ope­ning: 650 mm.Max. ope­ning: 2050 mm.Weight: 300 kg

  • Wood Gripper

    Wood Gripper

    Wood Gripper Width: 1300 mm.Max ope­ning: 850 mm.Weight: 240kg

  • Telescopic Loader Implements

  • Mini Loader Implemen

  • Smart Gripper

    Smart Gripper

    Smart Gripper other types of couplings ava­ila­ble for bales 80-150cm width weight: 150kg.Capa­city: 1000kg.Sin­gle hydrau­lic cylinder

  • Fork with Gripper

    Fork with Gripper

    Ham­me­ring teeth (0,81m & 0,6m).Width: 0,9m — 1,8m or on Custo­mer demand.Double hydrau­lic cylinders