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  • Machines for Fruits- Blueberry Harvester

  • Machines for Fruits- Currant and Berry Harvesters

  • Victor - Self Propelled Full Row Harvester

    Victor - Self Propelled Full Row Harvester

    'VICTOR' harvester is a specialized self-propelled harvester of first choice for professional harvesting of currants and aronia . The harvester is perfectly suitable for plantations of area from 30-40 hectares to several hundred hectares.

  • Machines for Fruits- Sour Cherry Harvesters

  • Machines for Fruits- Raspberry Harvesters

  • NATALIA - Model V - Full Row Pull Behind Harvester

    NATALIA - Model V - Full Row Pull Behind Harvester

    'NATALIA-V' harvester is one of several machines designed for raspberry harvesting that we offer. At the same time, it is the only harvester in the world that is designed for full-row harvesting of primocane raspberries grown without supports.

  • Machines for Vegetables- Harvesters for Carrot/Parsley/Celery

  • MAXIMUS - Self Propelled Harvester

    MAXIMUS - Self Propelled Harvester

    'MAXIMUS' harvester fulfils all standards and requirements of the European Union with regard to machine safety. As a standard, each seeder is delivered with the instruction manual prepared in one of the following languages: Polish, English, Russian or German. Other language versions of the instruction manual are available on special request of the customer. We provide spare parts for the machine during the whole period of its operation.

  • Machines for Vegetables- Precise Seeders for Vegetables

  • MAX PNEUMATIC - Precision Pneumatic Seeder

    MAX PNEUMATIC - Precision Pneumatic Seeder

    'MAX PNEUMATIC' is a modern functional high-quality precision pneumatic seeder. 'MAX PNEUMATIC' seeder is designed for single-seed sowing of almost all kinds of vegetable seeds, i.e. the seeds of the following vegetables: carrot, cabbage, parsley, cauliflower, onion, small radish, sugar beet, parsnip (coated seeds), garden beet, rape, maize, pea, white mustard. All the seeds designated for sowing by means of the seeder should be calibrated (coated or...

  • Machines for Vegetables- Ridge Forming Machines

  • Model AUR - Ridge Forming Machine with Soil Miller

    Model AUR - Ridge Forming Machine with Soil Miller

    The ridge forming machines is designed for deep soil opening (15-25cm), ridge forming and soil packing on the side surfaces of the ridge. The ridges formed with the use of this unit are soft inside i.e. the soil is opened up to the depth of 30 cm. The ridge forming unit can be also used for bed cultivation.