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  • GMT - Red Tilapia

    GMT - Red Tilapia

    YY males have been developed in a pure red strain of O. niloticus. This is a popular strain of red tilapia already being grown in many countries. The Red GMT will be available in the second half of  2002.

  • GMT - Pearl

    GMT - Pearl

    A new colour variety has arisen in one of the stocks of pure O. niloticus held in the U.S.A. known as 'Pearl'. This is a whitish coloured fish with a very attractive appearance. Unlike red tilapia the Pearl has a clean uniform colour with no black markings. We still need to study the inheritance of this colour mutation so true breeding Pearl GMT are unlikely to be available before 2003.

  • GMT - Wild Caught O. Mossambicus

    GMT - Wild Caught O. Mossambicus

    A small number of YY males have been produced in two strains of wild caught O. mossambicus (known as the black tilapia) in South Africa. These O. mossambicus have considerably more genetic variance than those used in aquaculture today and are anticipated to have much superior growth rates to current aquaculture stocks of this species. O. mossambicus GMT should be available by late 2002 and will be of great interest to farmers in regions in which...

  • GMT - Genetically Male Tilapia

    GMT - Genetically Male Tilapia

    Fishgen's innovation provides a solution to an age old problem in tilapia culture. A major problem in tilapia culture is that females grow slower than males, early sexual maturation diverts energy from growth to reproduction and unwanted breeding results in overcrowding and competition. The most effective solution to this problem is to produce and grow only male fish. Fishgen have addressed this problem in an innovative way through the application of...