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  • Model FD-326-P - Drip Irrigation

    Model FD-326-P - Drip Irrigation

    FD-326-P for drip irrigation provides automatized cooking feeding solution, planning and installation of drop irrigation on little-volumed substratum in hothouse production. This device allows organizing individual installation of feeding solution for different fragments of hothouse in accordance with time of watering and expenditure of solution. Checking programs helps to plan well movement of flux in course of twenty-four hours, and to discover...

  • Model FC Series. - Climate Control System

    Model FC Series. - Climate Control System

    Environmental control is based on monitoring and control of the air temperature and relatively humidity as well as concentration of Carbon Dioxide gas in greenhouse. Software-based algorithms of system operation supply the coordinated control of the several heating pipes in climate zones: the pipe of the lower (over soil) heating, the pipe of the upper (hip-roof) heating, the pipe of local (side) heating, the pipe of the under soil heating, the pipe of...