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  • Alkagrain - Animal Feed

    Alkagrain - Animal Feed

    Alkagrain is a good quality alkaline animal feed with increased protein and high energy levels produced on farm or manufactured by mixing mature grain with Home n’ Dry®. It is safe to feed as a concentrate in balanced diets at 2 – 3 times greater than the feed rate of conventionally prepared cereal grains as a high quality, cost effective substitute for over manufactured and purchased feeds.

  • Alkalage - Animal Feed

    Alkalage - Animal Feed

    Alkalage production is a proven method of utilising own grown mature cereal crop feeds with Home n’ Dry to create a good quality animal feed that allows increased animal performance and health potential whilst reducing the proportion of purchased feeds in the diet.

  • Alkastraw - Mixing Harvested Straw

    Alkastraw - Mixing Harvested Straw

    Alkastraw can be produced by mixing harvested straw with Home n’ Dry® – whether it’s straw remaining from either Alkagrain®, ‘head cut’ Alkalage production or using chopped straw.