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  • Rehabilitator


    The Rehabilitator will help improve soil structure and soil health, which will increase productivity. Use the Rehabilitator instead of Rippers, Rotary Hoes or Power Harrows for more environmentally friendly tillage.

  • Weed Fix

    Weed Fix

    Weed Fix is a modular system adjustable to row spacing of 200mm or greater. Weed Fix is a parallelogram power scuffler designed to cultivate between the rows and move desired amounts of soil evenly into the rows, smothering the weeds without covering the leaves of the crop plants (Precision ridging). Weed Fix has mounted cultivation tools, and adjustable depth wheels that continually gauge the penetration...

  • Crop Lifter

    Crop Lifter

    The same reciprocating blade, which works so well on the Till Fix, is used in conjunction with hydraulic depth wheels to lift and loosen crops like onions for harvesting and field drying. Better field drying, no sun damage and fewer tops, means less waste and less work for better returns.