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FLR-CropDrying – Specialist manufacturers and installers of quality crop & woodchip drying, ventilation and storage systems. We have been supplying top quality drive-on and box store drying and storage installations to the arable farming industry for over 22 years and our business is continuing to grow. Since our formation in 1993 we have delivered highly successful drying and storage installations for grain, rape, potato, seed, onion, pea and beans and more recently woodchip for biomass boilers. We owe our success to the care that we take in our manufacturing processes and by ensuring that our customers are totally happy with our products and services. We design, manufacture and install our products with quality as our priority and we always give our best price for what we consider to be the highest specification drive-on floor and box store systems on the market.

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2 Warren Close, Wyton, , Huntingdon , Cambridgeshire PE28 2AW United Kingdom

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Flach & Le-Roy Ltd is an industry leader in designing and delivering high performance drying, ventilation & storage systems for crops & woodchip. Formed in 1993 its high quality product and design services include drive-on drying floors, air ducts, walling, fans, burners and associated control equipment delivered throughout the UK and overseas.

Flach & Le-Roy Ltd – Crop/Woodchip Drying Systems

Founded in 1993 by Richard Flach and Owen Le-Roy, together the partners have over 50 years experience in the crop drying and storage business. Their speciality is high quality drive-on flooring and box-store ventilation and conditioning systems. Based on the near-ambient drying method Flach & Le-Roy's drive-on floor drying system is fully automated, having fans and burners controlled via humidity sensors in the air duct and fan house. The drying rate for cereals is up to half a percent every 24 hours and the fans deliver air through the crop at between 20 and 24 feet per minute depending on stack height. Offloading the grain trailer into the store is time and labour saving and the crop needs no stirring. More recent application of the drying-floor system is the preparation of woodchip for biomass heating systems. Our system typically supports a 200Kw boiler drying 40 tonnes of woodchip at 1.5m deep from 40% to 25% moisture content over 2 to 3 days.

Our box store design is focused on getting the most efficient airflow across and through a fully loaded bay. We periodically check airflow performance on sample stores to ensure that the systems are performing as expected and that our clients’ storage technique is as efficient as possible.

Premium quality design, materials and workmanship

Flach & Le-Roy has built its client base through careful application of simple yet effective design of its drying, conditioning and storage systems and use of premium quality materials and workmanship. Providing existing and new clients with sound, practical advice is key to building trust and long-term relationships and we work hard to ensure that our systems enhance our clients’ businesses.

Many of our clients are new to us and new to drive-on drying floors and the modern day control technology that supports our systems. Our aim is to make the store operation as trouble free and as energy efficient as possible – in some cases this involves coaching for a short period of time until clients are confident that their drying strategy is optimized.

We expect our stores to perform at their maximum efficiency for many years – after 20 years in the business our early stores are going strong with little evidence of excessive wear. Our philosophy is to “do it right first time” and this means implementing the right design, with first class materials and workmanship. Often this strategy incurs an initial price premium but our view is that it is cheaper in the long run to install a robust, reliable system that remains effective and efficient through its long life.

High performance and control

To compliment our high quality in-house manufactured products we supply top of the range fans, burners and control panels. With our trusted suppliers, we have developed ever more efficient and reliable ventilation systems to ensure safe, trouble-free operation along with efficient and economical use of energy.