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  • Twister - Flat Bottom Bins

    Twister - Flat Bottom Bins

    Twister flat bottom grain bins are available in sizes up to 52,000 BU, and come complete with full floor aeration, u-trough unload system, concrete form and roof vents. All of our metal grain storage bins are fully stiffened to increase wall strength so you can store any grain or pulse crop in them. You can even use them for natural air-drying and aeration without additional stiffening.

  • Rite Way - Model F Series - Land Roller

    Rite Way - Model F Series - Land Roller

    Rite Way land rollers help increase germination rates and promote even maturity by ensuring every seed you plant has good contact with the soil. Rite Way land rollers are larger, so they make fewer revolutions and more efficiently press rocks into the ground without rolling the crop out ahead of it. They need less horsepower per foot to accomplish the task. Shorter roller sections, along with a 4-way heavy-duty flexible knuckle, allows each roller to...