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  • Willburg - Orchids Potting Machine

    Willburg - Orchids Potting Machine

    Suitable for bark soil. Incl. closed plate. Suitable to work with a couple of people Suitable for different kind of pot sizes Cap. max. 3000 pieces per hour.

  • Taks - Taks Bunch Tomato System

    Taks - Taks Bunch Tomato System

    +/- 50 pieces harvesting trolleys, Autom. unloading of the harvesting trolleys, ,Autom. unloading / de-stacking crane of the boxes, Autom. push unit of the new empty boxes on the harvesting trolleys, ,4 weigth positions, Autom. transport to the palletizer, Autom. input of empty pallets to the palletizer, Autom. transport of the full pallets out of the palletizer, Incl. strapping unit, Suitable for +/- 8 - 10 hec Available from Dec. 2013.