Flexabar-Aquatech Corporation is part of The Flexabar Group which consists of: Flexabar Corporation - manufacturer/R&D lab company and supplier of OEM products. Flexabar-Aquatech Corporation - sales service to the aquaculture industry. Flexdel Corporation - sells, markets and supplies technical service for Aquagard Waterbase Antifouling Bottom Boat Paint, and related products. The Flexabar Group, located in New Jersey, USA and entering our Sixth decade, has expertise in water-based low VOC, low leach out product technology. These companies are fully staffed with professional managers, chemists, technical personnel and a full working laboratory. They have developed innovative commercial products and concepts. The Flex Gard product range is based on more than 40 years of R&D and experience globally. Flex Gard is highly efficient against all known fouling and the product range offers specialized products targeting specific challenges such as hydroids and mussels.

Company details

Business Type:
Industry Type:
Agriculture - Aquaculture
Market Focus:
Globally (various continents)

To be recognized as an industry leader in product innovation, quality and reliable supply. To be a valued member of our community as both an employer and responsible corporate citizen 


  • Dedication to innovation
  • Commitment to total customer satisfaction
  • Continuous quality improvement
  • Sustainability and responsibility
  • Participate and perform globally
  • Lead the markets we serve

Deploying environmentally responsible practices is an important component of our business plan and benefits our customers, consumers, employees and the community.

At Flexabar-Aquatech, we take seriously our commitment to the environment.  We run our business in a manor that protectsthe environment and demonstrate good stewardship of our world’s natural resources. 

Environment responsibility is one of the main considerations we focus on when we work with our local community, choose suppliers and contractors, cooperate with government agencies, and other organizations. 

Two of our core business areas – aquaculture and pleasure boat coatings – are good examples which demonstrate how our business strives to be responsible and “green”.

Aquaculture is a “green” and sustainable alternative to commercial fisheries. It helps to maintain and reproduce the seafood for human nutrition and helps to solve the world food-shortage problem.

Striving to develop high performance water based coating systems helps to reduce photochemical reactive emissions that can contribute to green house effects.

Flexabar-Aquatech continually seeks new ways to address the environmental cost and impact of its activities, products and services.

We believe that we can make the difference!

Quality assurance begins with the regulation of incoming raw material feeds. To ensure the quality of our products Flexabar both works closely with its suppliers and has a fully staffed internal lab to monitor the quality of our raw materials. In addition to incoming certificate of analyses Flexabar possesses both the equipment and qualified personnel to perform qualitive analyses on all the raw materials it uses.

On the production side all plant and control personnel are fully trained and undergo refresh training as necessary. Every production lot is quality controlled as dictated by the formulation, following internationally accepted protocols. A retain sample is secured for each batch produced and stored for a period of six to twelve months depending on formulation requirements. Each package unit is identified with a lot number and the related information is entered into a permanent database.  

All Quality Assurance procedures will be evaluated on a regular basis and updated as necessary.