Flier Systems is a reliable and dependable supplier specialising in the design of customer-specific machinery and systems for the horticultural sector. Our products are under continual development so that we can support nurseries worldwide in their quest for higher plant quality and uniformity and also increased production capacity and efficiency. In order to guarantee optimal systems, we pay great attention to integrating straightforward functionality with simple controls while using sustainable materials. Furthermore, all our new designs and developments are thoroughly tested in cooperation with our customers.

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Zuideinde 49 , Barendrecht , 2991 LJ Netherlands

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Globally (various continents)
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This company also provides solutions for other industrial applications.
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Flier Systems - Innovative automation solutions for more growth, efficiency and results in tomorrow's horticulture.
Our customers include breeders, propagators, young plant growers, through to pot plant nurseries in the ornamental and vegetable sectors. Years of experience (established 1931) form the basis for the design of stand-alone, 'simple' machinery, right through to complex production lines. Thanks to the modular structure of our systems, each system can be geared to your specific operational and size requirements and therefore grow as and when your future plans are introduced.

Together with the Service and After-sales department we provide quick and efficient support on a remote basis or via our global network of service engineers.

We have a number of different production lines offering a range of possibilities:

  • Peat Blocking lines
  • Sowing lines
  • Grading lines
  • Planting lines for cuttings
  • Rockwool handling
  • and more.

Grow your future.
Wherever you look, you see growth. Always and everywhere. Every day, plants, people and companies are on the move to become bigger and more beautiful, better and stronger. To get further. Sometimes with small steps, other times with a great leap forward.

As a horticulturist, you are also busy every day with growth. You work to get the best, most beautiful and most nutritious out of nature, time and again. You invest your time, money and energy in that.

But even more: your passion and ambition. With your involvement with nature, you lay the foundation for an enterprise that also benefits from growth.

At Flier Systems, we feel strongly connected with the entrepreneurship of the horticulturist. We love to see horticulturists growing, and we roll up our sleeves to make a contribution to that. With the knowledge that we have in house in the area of mechanization, automation and efficiency, we support ambitious entrepreneurs in horticulture.


Innovations for breaking through the boundaries
Understanding of horticulture is not something you just have. Knowledge needs time to germinate, take root and to grow. The expertise of Flier Systems is not something that has been developed overnight. We have been close to horticulture since 1931. Literally, since our first location in Barendrecht was located a stone’s throw from local cultivators.

Since then, the Dutch horticultural sector and Flier Systems have grown increasingly close. We translate our knowledge into modular machines that prove their value in every business situation and into systems that we develop for one specific enterprise, completely customized. We provide the innovations that the horticulturist needs to break through boundaries. Flier Systems provides innovative automation solutions for the horticulture sector of tomorrow. We thus enable cultivators of young plants and trees to realize growth, efficiency and profits.


FL'EX: high-level technology, within reach for every entrepreneur
FL'EX is one of the ways in which we make new technologies accessible for diverse budgets. A modular product that the entrepreneur can have made exactly to order for their options, their needs and their market. Flier Systems thus creates new possibilities for small and medium-sized businesses that until recently were only available to the top segment.


Making profit
Our roots are Dutch, but we have also been active internationally for years. As the world becomes smaller, our work area grows. Domestically and abroad, we enable entrepreneurs day in, day out to make profits by cultivating beautiful, tasty, healthy and sustainable products. Sometimes, that profit is found in efficiency, in time. Or in the quality of the final product that can be just a bit better. And when possible, we also contribute to financial profits, which every enterprise needs.



Growth does not always happen on its own. You need healthy breeding grounds, but also knowledge, support and favourable conditions. By working hard, but also by making the right choices and finding collaboration with people and companies that add something to your qualities. It is not without reason that a stylized buffalo appears in the logo of Flier Systems: a robust animal that, next to power and persistence, also uses strategic insight. A buffalo stands shoulder to shoulder with its partners. Just like Flier.

To achieve the best results together. 
To get further. 
To grow.