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  • Grading & Sorting

  • Germination Vision System

    Germination Vision System

    The Germination Vision System is a low-treshold form of automation giving you considerable savings in labour costs and substantial quality improvements. You receive an insight into the cultivation results and are constantly supplied with the most accurate grading results. Furthermore, it is also possible to remove plants that have not germinated or that are too small (with the optional air unit).

  • Plug Fixer System

    Plug Fixer System

    Consolidates plug trays to 100% viable plants. Reliable, uniform grading and data collection with vision software. Removing and replacing plugs simultaneously using robot arms. Easy conversion to different tray sizes. Capable of transplanting to different tray size. Capacity up to 11,000 plants per hour.

  • Cuttings and Grafting

  • Tray (de) Stacker

    Tray (de) Stacker

    Trays can be destacked and fed into a grading system or tray filling machine automatically using a tray destacker. Stacks of trays are supplied to the machine via the tray supply belt. The machine picks up a tray from the stack and places it on a conveyor belt.

  • Model TF41 - Tray Filler

    Model TF41 - Tray Filler

    Flier Systems, in cooperation with Florensis, has developed a unique machine for the uniform filling of trays with soil: The Tray Filler TF41. In addition to the production of ultra-homogenous plugs, the TF41 can realise a substantial increase in capacity of up to 40%. The Tray Filler TF41 produces an ultra-homogenous, hard, yet airy plug. Since this allows the plants to germinate more equally, it generates an enormous improvement in quality and...