Flor Eterna Sisa Huiñai S.A.

Flor Eterna Sisa Huiñai S.A., is an agricultural company devoted to the production, marketing and exportation of fresh-cut summer flowers directed to international markets, in order to meet the existing corporate and individual demand. Flor Eterna Sisa Huiñai S.A. is an export-oriented company producing fresh-cut summer flowers under processes leading to unique varieties having excellent quality, in order to exceed expectations. It is backstopped by competent members of staff who are committed to the company's pursuits.

Company details

Mariscal Foch 510 y Almagro, 6th Floor. , Quito , Ecuador

Locations Served

Business Type:
Industry Type:
Agriculture - Horticulture
Market Focus:
Internationally (various countries)


Flor Eterna Sisa Huiñai S.A. is an Ecuadorian company that intends to expand based on respect, honesty, safety and versatility, aimed at becoming the best producer of quality fresh-cut summer flowers and in this manner meet the needs of our clients whilst ensuring social and environmental preservation.


  • Respect - Constitutes the basis on which ethic and moral values are applied to any aspect in which the Company is involved vis-à-vis colleagues, clients and the environment.
  • Honesty - Transparency in every stage of our production chain, for which purpose we maintain a serious approach to our work.
  • Safety - Demonstrate that the Company is wholesome and trustworthy both toward internal and external clients.
  • Versatility - The Company shall be able to adjust expeditiously to internal and external ongoing changes in order to enhance optimal outcomes under the objectives set forth.
  • Quality - High and unique quality standards shall be applied to the entire production of summer flowers, with resulting different and exclusive varieties. Efforts will be devoted toward becoming the best summer flower producing Company.


  • Our policies shall guide the way toward providing optimal services which are tantamount to our mission.
  • Pursue the Company's goals based on respect, honesty, safety and versatility.
  • Proactively and enthusiastically work toward developing unique procedures.
  • Meet quality standards in order to exceed our clients' expectations.
  • The Company shall meet the requirements agreed to with clients.
  • Attach priority within the Company to all aspects involving social and environmental responsibilities.
  • Strategic Objectives:
  • Our Company's main objectives include the following:
  • Obtaining unique varieties.
  • Applying procedures resulting in high quality products.
  • On-going training of members of staff.
  • Becoming thoroughly familiar with the market toward which our products are oriented.
  • Comply with and enforce the Company's values.
  • Clearly identify the needs of clients and circumstances surrounding each market.