Founded in 1990 by Debbie Hamrick, a former manager of trade shows, and conferences and news editor of the Chicago-based Ball Publishing Group, FloraCulture International is a trade magazine for producers of cut flowers, flowering and green potted plants, bedding plants, perennials, trees, shrubs and bulbs all over the world. To date (April 2016) it has a circulation of 133,404 subscribers (4,573 print issues, 6801 direct digital magazines and 122000 indirect digital magazines) in 142 countries. The magazine’s FCI BloomBrief newsletter has a circulation of 6,783 subscribers worldwide.

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Legmeerdijk 313 , Aalsmeer , 1431 GB Netherlands

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Publishing company
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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Globally (various continents)

The early FloraCulture International offered a survey of the world’s horticultural news with signed columns of analysis. Over time, it was classed as the leading trade magazine for the international flower industry. After its purchase in 2006 by industry–veteran, plant breeder’s rights expert and horticultural consultant, Jaap N. Kras, FloraCulture International maintained a strong reputation for accurate and vivid reporting of trade shows, conferences and other news events along with in-depth interviews and features on particular ornamental crops, technology, breeding breakthroughs or guides to trade exhibitions.

The feel of the publication is stylish, while the overall tone is informative and industry-geared. Particularly attractive the blend of professional photography with a clear, accessible, journalistic style.

In its monthly columns (Miami, Dutch Comfort, Happy Gardening, Certifiable in California and Buon Giorno) FloraCulture International invites knowledgeable outside contributors to discuss events and other key issues affecting the horticultural industry.

Each spring, FloraCulture International publishes the annual Ciopora Chronicle and Keukenhof supplement  devoted entirely to breeder’s rights and the world’s most famous spring gardens respectively. It also publishes an English-language online format for India and several local-language editions, including Italian and Russian.

FloraCulture International has changed on many occasions since its launch in 1990. The last major change took place in 2013 when the magazine, website and newsletter were re-launched with an updated look and new features.

Meanwhile, the magazine underwent a major marketing push thanks to new partnerships with leading growers and trade associations. To date, 84 agreements have been reached between FloraCulture International and leading growers and trade associations in 32 countries. This unique partnership includes a complimentary copy for each member of the registered associations. Together with its supplements, guides, newsletter and website the FCI brand connects advertisers with the most qualified readership  of  any international business magazine for  floriculture in the world!

The team behind FloraCulture International believes that digital magazine publishing is here to stay, so it throws as much energy as it can into the digital realm. The use of tablets among FCI readers has expanded dramatically and with it the opportunity to sustain editorial excellence through quick, easy digital distribution.

However, it’s not an either or situation. FCI needs to embrace all media, includingits print publications. Beginning with the 2015 October issue, FloraCulture International in print is now a quarterly magazine, published four times a year rather than 11, increasing its shelf life, allowing for extra visibility and exposure for your advertisements. FCI’s four major print issues will divide the year in four seasons: spring (March), summer (combined June/July issue), autumn (October) and winter (January). The print magazines will also highlight major horticultural events and trade shows such as IPM Essen, Salon du Végétal, My Plant & Garden, Keukenhof, Flower Trials, GreenTech, IFFT and the FloraHolland Trade Fair Aalsmeer.

Meanwhile, the online version of FloraCulture International will continue to appear monthly, with unrestricted online access and digital distribution through the world’s leading grower and trade associations in over 142 countries.

The magazine has maintained its print edition in the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, the United Kingdom, Colombia, Ecuador, Kenya and Ethiopia and, of course, for our readers who have an annual subscription.

In the near future, we will use more technology to reach more people. We believe that continued creativity is vital in shaping our future.. where print and digital walk straightforwardly hand in hand.