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  • Barrow Sprayers

  • Model 25L - Sprayer

    Model 25L - Sprayer

    For small or large spraying jobs this is the answer. Just think! No more back-breaking, arm-spraining knapsack work! Spray at the flick of a switch, with a constant regular output.  With most of the weight balanced over the wheels, the CC25N is surprisingly easy to manoeuver and with a maximum width of just 20', you will be able to take it with you down the majority of glasshouse or garden paths. A feature of this sprayer is the removable tank...

  • Hand/Tractor Towed Sprayers

  • Model 200L - Boom Sprayer

    Model 200L - Boom Sprayer

    This machine is supplied fully assembled with fuel and oil in pump and engine and all ready to use. The jockey wheel can be removed to allow towing by tractor or ride-on mower. Your sprayer comes fully assembled with engine and pump primed and fuelled. Price does not include hose reel (shown).