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All flower bulbs come together in Fluwel. Fluwel is a crossroad of knowledge, art and commerce. We are active throughout Europe. In recent years, Fluwel became a well known name in the international world of flower bulbs. Not just for farmers, but also for consumers, Fluwel has a lot to offer. Our website proves this already, like the many other projects Fluwel is involved. We bring all flower bulb information together for you

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Belkmerweg 20 A , Burgerbrug , 1754 GB Netherlands

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Agriculture - Horticulture
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Internationally (various countries)


When you meet Carlos, you know right away that you are dealing with a passionate flower bulb expert. Surrounding the 150 year old farmhouse he lives in, there is plenty of space. The bulk of this is used for growing bulbs, but closer to home, spread out over several small plots of land, a few barns, a greenhouse, one finds a truly unique collection of flower bulbs.

Carlos is one of Holland’s most renowned daffodil specialists. An inquisitive person, an innovator, but also self-willed, which is not a bad quality for a hybridizer. He lives his live according to the seasons and prefers working close to home. Bringing different bulbs together and coming up with new combinations is also one of his hobby’s. In spring the fields around his house look like a true Keukenhof.


With Jeroen flower bulbs are in his genes. His father founded the well-known Van den Hoek Bulb Forcing Test Centre, and Jeroen follows in his footsteps. He is responsible for various new forcing methods for both the cut flower industry and for growing bulbs in pots, the latter is still today the focus of his attention.

Every bulb that he feels is worth a try, he plants in a pot. ‘If only I could combine this Tulip with that Muscari … ,’ according to him the possibilities are endless. Still, it is quite hard to plant different bulbs in a container and make them bloom at exactly the same time. This is where his talent kicks in. Bulbs are Jeroen’s tools to create beautiful pictures that touch people’s hearts at different seasons in the year. He even won quite a few prices with his pots of bulbs. It is just his thing, he enjoys it … and then work becomes a hobby with creativity taking care of the rest.


Eric: ‘flower bulbs are my friends, my hobby, my living, my everything.’ He is a true plant lover and a keen gardener in his own right. He craves for knowledge and regularly follows in the footsteps of the old plant collectors. Almost every year he and his botanical friends organize trips to look at flower bulbs in their native habitats. The pictures of wild tulips in the Amsterdam Tulip Museum are all taken by Eric and his fellow travelers.

Bulbs always fascinated him, and not just tulips and daffodils. Eric has a taste for everything. The choice among flower bulbs is infinite and for that reason his curiosity will never be completely put to rest. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with others. That knowledge goes a long way and if he doesn’t know the answer, he consults his extensive flower bulb library. Eric enjoys being invited to give talks, in particular to other plant enthusiast from far and wide.