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    Marketing Bulletins Services

    FMC Technologies' investment in research and development to find new and improved ways of meeting changing customer and industry requirements is an ongoing effort that has resulted in a host of new products and system developments. Fluid Control is the world's leading supplier of flowline products, pumps and compact valves for high-pressure oilfield applications. From the original Chiksan, Weco, INVALCO, and John Bean products to the advanced...

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    Service Centers

    FMC Technologies offers rebuild, iron recertification and inspection services from 30 worldwide locations to help keep products like the Chiksan and Weco flowline products in top working condition. These strategically located service centers stock an array of repair parts and new products in order to quickly handle any customers’ need.

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    Mobile Units Services

    Introduced in 1996, FMC Technologies’ mobile iron recertification, inspection and repair service is the industry’s largest fleet of repair, inspection and iron recertification mobile units. Reaching customer locations throughout the entire world, the mobile unit package provides inspection, testing, repair, documentation and iron certification directly at the customer’s project location. With customized service at the...