Fodder Solutions

Fodder Solutions

Fodder Solutions began in 2000 when a Toowoomba farmer, Flavio Raccanello was at his wit’s end. With another cold winter moving in, the rain had stopped and there was little remaining feed on the ground for his cattle and sheep. Facing spiralling feed costs and with little prospect of winter rainfall, Flavio needed a way to cost-effectively feed his livestock so that his farm could remain profitable. He began by placing barley seeds in a small bucket to see if this could be the miracle feed source he so desperately required.

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11 William Banks Drive , Burleigh Heads , Queensland 4220 Australia
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Something interesting then happened, the barley seeds began to sprout and within a few days, they had become an oasis. Removing them from the bucket, he offered them to one of his herd. Reluctant at first, the cow took its first taste of sprouted barley fodder.

The very next day Flavio repeated the experiment in a larger bucket growing a huge biscuit. This time he broke it up and fed it to several of his herd and it was very apparent that they loved the freshness of the nutritious barley sprouts. At this moment, Fodder Solutions was born.

He tried the same with his sheep and they also went crazy for the fodder. He increased his capacity using larger containers and pretty soon he had enough fodder to sustain his herd through winter.

A few months later, a nearby farmer looked over the fence and couldn’t believe his eyes. Where his animals were doing very poorly, Flavio’s we fat and looking amazing. He asked Flavio if he could help him too so he did and pretty soon the local newspaper picked up the story. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Fodder Solutions operates its manufacturing facility in Burleigh Heads, Queensland Australia and exports its patented systems all over the world. The company has now grown into a thriving business and caters to everyone from small hobby farmers to huge commercial feed lots and the dairy industry.

If you are looking to save substantially on your feed costs and want your animals to experience the healthy benefits of nutritious freshly sprouted fodder, get in touch with us today for a no obligation discussion.

Self-sufficient farming is an attractive proposition in times of drought and high food costs. Fodder Solutions provides the ultimate solution guaranteeing food security regardless of weather, water availability and feed conditions.

Benefits to the farmer by feeding fresh fodder to livestock are huge and include;  

  • Significantly reduction in feeding costs – sprouted fodder costs less than 10c a kilo
  • 1:5 ratio – one kilo of grain grows to 5 kilos of freshly sprouted barley fodder
  • We take seed to feed in just 5 days
  • Readily available, 365 days a year – drought proofs any farm
  • Can be implemented almost anywhere
  • No wastage – animals eat the entire biscuit, root mat and all
  • Barley sprouts have the highest relative food value on the planet
  • 90% + digestibility leading to rapid weight gain regardless of seasonality
  • Healthier diet results in happier animals and reduced vet costs
  • Uses less than one millionth the water required to grow the same amount of feed in the paddock

Nutritious fresh barley fodder can now be available 365 days of the year utilizing our modular or custom made systems. We take Seed to Feed in Just 5 Days to virtually drought proof your farm and saving you a fortune on feed.

Here’s why feeding your animals fresh fodder is the way to go;

  • Every kg of grain sprouts to 5 kilos of fresh fodder
  • Fresh fodder costs less than 10c a kg grown in one of our fodder sheds
  • Huge saving over traditional feeding of grain and other feedstock
  • Feedback from our clients tells us that animals are happier on fodder and this in turn significantly reduces vet bills
  • Weight gains between 1kg – 2.5kg per day are common in beef cattle
  • Absolutely no wastage, livestock consume the entire biscuit including the root mass where 90% of the goodness is

We have thousands of farmers all over the world enjoying the benefits of feeding their livestock fresh fodder, and now it’s your turn. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and we will tailor s solution to fit your exact needs.

One of the key attractions for the use of fodder as a food source for livestock is the positive environmental benefits. Fodder Solutions believes it’s imperative that we leave the land intact and capable of sustaining generations to come.

Some of the key reasons that feeding with fresh fodder includes;

  • Smaller footprint for a larger heard who are less reliant on grazing pasture
  • Farmlands recover more quickly due to improved farmland management
  • Anecdotal evidence suggests a significant reduction in greenhouse gasses emitted from fodder fed animals compared to grain fed animals
  • Huge reduction in water consumption to grow the same amount of feed
  • Water used by the system can be recycled, further reducing intake
  • Systems have been designed to be easily converted to solar power

Fodder Solutions is committed to healthier livestock feed which reduces the pressure on grazing land taking away the need to further destroy forests and important ecosystems.

Why pay a fortune for expensive feed when you can grow it on your own farm for under 10c a kg? No more running out of feed, having to find the money to pay the account or having to raid the piggy bank.

The beauty of the Fodder Solutions system is that you can start small and ramp up as you increase your herd size. Our modular systems are virtually ‘plug & play’ and capacity is easily increased by adding systems to your existing installation.

Over a year the savings mount and very quickly your system has returned your investment. Our units are 100% tax deductible and can be depreciated over 3 years, as per the latest Federal budget.

The more you grow, the more you save! The larger your facility and the more fodder you produce, the greater the saving. Fodder Solutions caters to all size of clients from hobby farmers to huge commercial enterprises. We have various business models to suit your situation and we can even arrange finance when required.